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With the Spring Anime for 2014 coming right around the corner, what better way to celebrate than to have a contest here on OtakuTalk. This contest is open to all non-staff, but you must be 18 years or older due to laws and regulations in the United States. To enter this contest, please head to: http://www.otakutalk.com/contests/april-2014-prize-drawing.1/

Answer the question correctly and you'll be instantly entered to win. If you answer incorrectly then you will not be. This entry is limited to 1 per person and you're not allowed to "beat the system" and give yourself multiple entries.

This content will end on the 15th of April, so make sure you enter today!
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Hey Folks,

We have a new Facebook page setup so you can like us. Check us out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/otakutalkdotcom

You can also like us in the footer by clicking the "Like" button where it says "Like Us on Facebook". Feel free to post cool stuff and especially link to threads on the site so we can get people moving back and forth between our Facebook page and the web site. Thanks for all the support!
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I've spent the past few days trying to get the new themes for Otaku Talk to a good place and I was able to do redesigns for both "Original" and "Girls". I hope you guys like them. I'm always up for suggestions, but next on my list is the dark theme. Hopefully I'll have it done within the next week or so. Until then, feedback!
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Big update today folks. We are now running the latest greatest from XenForo which introduces quite a few new features. Let me outline some of them for you:
  • Google and Twitter integration are now available. You can sign in through either if you want.
  • Spoiler tags are now available in the WYSIWYG editor. See the button next "Media", if you click it...you can select Spoiler!
  • Multi-Quote is available, so now when you're replying to a long thread you quote multiple people on multiple pages.
  • You can now tag people in profile posts and comments.
There is a TON of stuff on the backend for me which has now made my life easier. So kudos to the devs over there.

The bad news, the blogs are gone...for now. Unfortunately the author of the blog addon has gone MIA and it's not functioning since the update. It will be re-added once we find a new addon or develop one custom for us :-). Sorry about that folks!

*Note: The "Girls" theme has been removed because I need to make serious improvements to it. Please do not ask about it quite yet.

All in all, tell me your feedback!
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I didn't want the month to pass us by without at least talking about what I've been working on. I've been trying to rebuild the dark theme, but it's taking some time because of the new release of XenForo coming out shortly. Once that's updated then all the themes will need to be revisited lol.

I'm still working with Andrew on the groups system which I'm hoping will be release before Q3 of this year lol. OT will get it before anyone else, so don't worry about that. We want to do this right. We may have the review system before then, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Otherwise, I hope you're all enjoying the forums and please post suggestions. I want to know how to make this more enjoyable for you guys.

Oh, forgot, I'll be posting a contest next month :-). Look forward to it!
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