12 am & Ponyo


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So it was 12 am earlier and I was still watching Ponyo~ ((Who guys loves that movie omfg :cheer:))
And being awake up until almost 1 am is really bad for me , as a student :'-(, because our Midterm Exams are coming up, actually it's gonna be tomorrow, and I have yet to study the three subjects that are going to be scheduled for tomorrow and one of them is Math ((Who else hates math here? :thumbsdown:))

!! S P O I L E R A L E R T!! ((If you haven't watched Ponyo, SHAME ON YOU! jk If you haven't watched it yet then watch it ASAP and don't read the next lines after this...))

Anyways regarding Ponyo OMFG Studio Ghibili never loses to amaze and astonish me once again in their movies! I really liked how the romance was so innocent and Ponyo was so adorablee!! Ahh the cuteness is giving me diabetuuss *_*. When the scene where Gran Merna (something like that hahaha) appeared (first appearance) I though to myself.. "How tf did they do it if she was this big?!" But when she changes her body size I was like "Oh, so she was the one who adjusted to his size XD" Poor guy :-(XD.

So my first blog ends here, the next one might take a while because of our exams, feel free to comment on what you think about Ponyo!![​IMG]