Addicted to Day Dreaming



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Since I have been reading manga and watching anime. I honestly have been addicted to day dreaming. And wishing I was from this 2-D world, which is sad to say sometimes. But reality has not been the best as of light. At least for the past 5 years, all I want to do is escape to somewhere else. I can not seem to find an outlet for all this mulled emotions inside, this causes me to think and more often or not it causes me to create stories in my head. And what it is like to be a character from an anime or manga. Little by little, it has created a peace of mind for me. Now it has created a downfall for me at the same time because, now I enjoy to sleep a lot of my day a way. I need to find another outlet, I just can not keep dreaming my day a way anymore. I need to find me again.

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