An introduction ig


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Hello!! My name is matt and I wanted to introduce myself i guess.​

  1. im 13, though recently i was mistaken as 16-20yrs so please dont judge me by my age as to how im/mature i am
  2. I know how to type with proper grammar, I just prefer to not do so unless it's for a class assignment or a book/fic I'm writing.
    1. see i wrote correctly for #2
  3. I am new here so if anyone has any pointers for me?? thatd be super nice??
    1. i literally had trouble finding the "create new blog post" option to write this riprip
  4. I dont think i'd call myself an anime fanatic since for me to be a fan of something i would've watched a lot of said thing.. but hopefully i can get into a lot more.
  5. I play a baritone and a trumpet in band if thats something important
  6. my favorite book atm is "We are the ants" by Shaun David Hutchinson. If you're looking for a new book, boiiii i would recommend this one. its like something i havent read before and jeEz pls read it.
    1. It touches on some heavy subjects in the book. If you are sensitive to rape/non consensual sex, suicide, self harm, or any subjects like those, I would advise you to read it at your own risk.
  7. yeah idk what else to put. thanks for reading if you did.