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I feel as though as you get older, the more things you have to worry about. I'm starting to look at new places to live, proposing to my girlfriend, having future children and just generally taking care of expensive bills and stupid stuff. Each thing on that list adds a certain level of stress, but there has always been one thing that's helped with anime addiction.

Being an otaku has always been nothing but enjoyable for me. I'm not really looking to get lost in it, but it lets me relax and just be a kid for a little bit of time. I've always been a sucker for romance comedies and especially harems. I find them most of the time to be funny and a little "ecchi", but it's still a good way for me to relax and just laugh a little. Most scenarios are just ridiculous and that helps to add to the fantasy nature of the show. It's weird, but it's fun.

My girlfriend doesn't get it, but she doesn't knock it either. I've tried to get her to watch it, but she's blocked me at every turn. I'll keep trying though, but it certainly won't be a romance comedy. I'll need to find something a little deep for her to watch. She loves to read and loves movies, so something with a thick plot that promotes thinking should do the trick. The more adult the animation style, the better as well. It should be fun trying to get her into it.

Wish me luck!