Any Boku no Hero Academia Fans?


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At first, when the series came out I was like " Nah, this is for kids.." then later After reading few reviews and comments about it, my perspective changed " Oh, so it's like One Punch Man but
this time the mc is weak at first and gets stronger as the time goes by and , not like in OPM that the mc is already strong but people don't recognize him until the end XD.

But When the second season was still ongoing, I decided to give it a try. AND YEAH I LOVED IT! Especially Shoto Todoroki my bae~ And most of the characters too except for he guy who had grape hair hahahaha. yeah he's adorable but I'm just not fond of him though.. it's not really as "Awesome" as the others but I do consider him usefull XD

So today, Imma continue watching the second season. Tell me hat you think about BNHA?
Sorry I can't help it :heart: :heart: