Ballroom e Youkoso - Nah or Yeah?


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To be honest with you guys, I am not really fond of sports anime... even though I have watched Prince of Tennis, Free!, Prince of Stride, Yuri on Ice and Chihayafuru, whenever I see a new anime that is sports related I immediately ignore it. When the anime was first released, I was curious of the cover picture because it looked like the graphic was bad but at the same time telling me to at least look at its summary which I did. After reading the summary I ignored the anime and went on to the next one because it did not really hooked my interest but I thought, "I already made the effort in clicking the anime so at least why not giving it a go? " , So I gave it a chance and watched the first episode of the anime.

The quality is not actually the same as what it is in the cover. The characters are likable, it will definitely make you want to know more about that person and their role in the anime. The story line is quite good considering that the
MC is still a beginner, after achieving this certain challenge there will be a new hindrance or "enemy" that appears
so it will just get you hooked up into wanting to know what will happen in the next episode. But even with all these good points there is something that is lacking. I don't know what it is but whenever I watch this anime something just feels off. Anyways it's been a while since I wrote a blog here so let me hear your opinions about Ballroom e Youkoso whether it is a Nah or Yeah :-)