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Chapter Five
Heisenberg is uncertain about petting Schrodinger’s Cat... On principle.

“There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another theory which states that this has already happened.”
- Douglas Adams

Life is total uncertainty. One only needs to look around to see proof of this. Nothing is ever certain. How we make decisions in our lives, how these
decisions might affect those around us, it’s all up to blind chance. With each move we make, we roll the dice and hope that our luck will hold out. But we never consider this sort of thing CONSCIOUSLY. Hell, most people don’t even realize it at all. The ones that fail to make this discovery are more often than not the same ones who place their faith in “religion”, as if old myths and legends could suddenly become an impenetrable firewall or “security blanket”, blocking out the inconvenient truths and “boogeymonsters" of reality that they feel the need to blind themselves to (This method of blocking out reality never works for long - the truth ALWAYS gets in somehow).

In his “Uncertainty Principle”, Heisenberg proved that nothing is static, and everything is in a state of constant randomization. For example, what you do one day will NOT have the same results the next, and so on... Those who choose to subscribe to religious belief love to think that in some way our lives have been pre-programmed by some “hacker-on-high”, and that we have a set destiny, some holy purpose we have to fulfill (usually involving monetary tribute or paying “lip-service" to some mythological deity or other) before our time runs out. When you look at events from your own life without wearing the blinders of religion, you see that it was the so-called “truth” of your beliefs that governed your actions, instead of actual free will. But even these beliefs can’t stop Heisenberg. Everything you do from one minute to the next is random. You might think you have some sort of control over your actions from one minute to the next, but when you scale things back, you begin to see that there is no set pattern (You can say you’ll do something, then turn around and do the opposite - for no reason whatsoever). There is no “Holy Blueprint” or “Road Map”. There is only the true randomness of what you normally think of as “structured” thought and reasoning. Your “destiny” becomes nothing more than a goal you are trying to achieve. It’s not pre-ordained by “God”, it’s created by YOU and you alone. Whether or not you end up achieving this goal is left up to chance in the end.

I began to see proof of this for myself when I was 19 or so, and had been attempting to find for myself the “true meaning” of it all. I had gone from church to church in my quest for self-purpose, and for a while had got sucked in by all the assorted dogma from sect to sect, thinking that if something bad happened along the way, some mystical “sky wizard” would show up and save me from it, because of my faith. Boy, was I WRONG. It turned out that there is not a single religion on this planet that has it right. NOT ONE. When you look at it closer, you begin to see what I mean. For the purposes of this argument, I’ll only go into the Christian faith. (But not too deeply, as this isn’t meant to bash anyone’s faith. I’m just trying to shine a light on the reality of it, and why putting blind faith in ANYTHING is wrong at any level. Trust me, my train of thought hasn’t derailed yet. It’s just taking a little detour on its way to the main topic.)

First off, there’s the “Old Testament”. It’s basically a HEAVILY re-edited version of the first few books of the Hebrew Torah, with some books omitted for questionable content. In this one, we see that the Christian/Hebrew God is angry and vengeful toward his creation (US, apparently). If you read it just the right way, in the Book of Exodus where Moses goes up on the mountain and asks God at one point why he won’t reveal his face to him, God replies that if he did so, it would be too much for Moses’ fragile mind to take, and his head would cave in, and his heart would explode - kinda like in the movie “Scanners”. So God finally gives in, saying to Moses that he will only reveal his “backside” to him. As a result, there was a “Full Moon” over Israel that night. God seems such a smartass throughout the Old Testament.

Next up is the second part of the Christian Bible, the “New Testament” (Or what I like to think of as “God” after Anger Management Therapy). This is made up of a bunch of essays and letters found on decaying parchment scrolls that sets up a history of life in the Middle East during the Roman occupation. Basically, this guy named Jesus has built himself an entourage of sorts, including a few of these writers, and he tries to get them to go around the world (which at that time was basically considered to be just the Middle East and Italy by those without a map back then) telling people how to be good to one another. Not an easy task, as the Romans (and a few Jews) thought of Jesus as just a crazy hippie with a Messiah Complex who was gaining too many followers and could pose a threat to their primacy (they wanted to keep the people under their thumbs at all cost). So they had Jesus killed as an example to others who might try to emulate him.

But the stories told within the texts reveal something odder still: the “miracles” that Jesus was said to have performed. A few of these could be explained quite easily: “Walking on the water”? Okay, try walking out over a sandbar at low tide, when the water is just low enough so that the sand isn’t exposed. If you’re far enough from the sinking boat with all the panicked passengers on board, it can seem to them as if you’re defying basic physics. The “resurrection" of Lazarus? Easy. Lazarus wasn’t actually dead in the first place, he was either a narcoleptic, or in a COMA. He simply woke up and walked away. As for the healing of lepers and such, I think that in itself was a literary trick, something the writers of the books in the New Testament used in order to “beef up” the image of Jesus - a biblical PR stunt. In other words, these “healing” events very probably NEVER happened.

All of these writers claimed that “God” guided their work, or actually told them what to write on some sort of primitive dictaphone (“Judy, take a message... Dear Caesar, It has come to my attention...”). In reality though, they were either talking to themselves, or blind stinking DRUNK at the time. And that’s not my only evidence, as Christianity itself isn’t all “Sunshine and Rainbows and Cute Little Puppy Dogs” as they so love to advertise... Christianity has been falling apart at the seams since the very beginning. It’s all down to one’s own personal interpretation of the works and in seeing how Christian society at large reads into these works. One need only look throughout history to see that the Christian faith was doomed to failure from the beginning. The Catholic church and the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades, the Vatican’s silent consent of the slave trade, or even their denial of the Holocaust... This was Rome’s parting gift after Jesus was crucified: Adopt Christianity, and wreck it from within, before it has a chance to really take off. In an effort to salvage something from the wreckage, many sects splintered away from the “Holy Mother Church” in time, so many of them with conflicting interpretations of the original material, some even becoming “rogue” elements - a sort of “Lunatic Fringe” (Christian extremist groups such as Pentecostals and other assorted “Holy Rollers”). As a final result, Christianity in all its varied forms has suffered another exodus of sorts - people leaving the church in droves. (This I believe is due to the fact that there are truths getting through their mental firewalls, and waking them up so that they can finally find their own paths in life.)

Now for some more uncomfortable facts: As a result of this ancient Roman sabotage, the Christian faith has been responsible for more genocide and wars in the name of their “God" than anything else in human history - all because of their blind and unreasoning faith, plus the insistence that others who are different in any way are EVIL, and must be destroyed - or converted. How’s that for a “set pattern”, pre-ordained by deific power? If there were some sort of deity in charge of everything, don’t you think that he/she/it would at some point have intervened, putting a stop to all this garbage? But on that day there was no response from on high. No magical lightning bolt. No giant hand coming down from the sky to smash us all. Just the cold and indifferent silence of the universe. Chaos has won over order in the great scheme of things. In a sense, chaos as we know it just may be UNIVERSAL order.

Like I said before, I’m not using religion here for the purposes of bashing anyone’s faith structure, I’m using it as a concept to illustrate a point: That nothing in our existence is pre-ordained. Everything in the universe of our understanding exists in a constant state of physical, social, and behavioral flux. This is Heisenberg’s principle - this is causality at its finest. Things do happen for a reason, and that reason is because YOU caused them to happen. It wasn’t some “plan” set in motion before you were born, it was totally random chance. But that doesn’t change the fact that it was all because of you.

Moving on to the next metaphysical concept: Schrodinger’s Cat. For those who don’t know the story, Ernst Schrodinger once postulated that if you put a cat into a lead-lined (soundproof) box with no breathing holes, placed a small radioactive pellet in with the cat, and locked the lid - would the cat be dead or alive?

The answer is BOTH. And NEITHER. This is because the cat can be both things at the same time, or neither of them, due to this thing we rely on called observational proof (The actual name of this is “wave supposition theory”, or something just as confusing, so I’ve simplified it here). If we can’t see or hear the cat, we automatically assume it’s either dead or alive. But in this state of limbo, the cat also doesn’t exist because there is no tangible proof that there ever was a cat to begin with.

This concept also explains why we tend to have no real understanding of death. The mythologies we cling to often tell us that beyond the veil of this mundane physical world lies a beautiful kingdom where we will all live forever with halos and wings (OR... we end up in The OTHER Place. You know, with all the fire and pitchforks...). Reality is a much different matter, however. Reality proves that when we shuffle off this mortal coil and are placed into the casket - then shoved into a hole in the ground - we become sort of like Schrodinger’s Cat: Either we’re just a lifeless corpse six feet under, or we’re living on in some other astral plane... Or we just cease to exist entirely, our body and soul shattered at the subatomic level - we return to the nothingness. No one knows for sure. The person’s physical death and decay can be proven only if their body is exhumed at some point, but no one is certain about what’s going on with the person’s spiritual form - we can only speculate. In a sense, the corpse itself becomes another box that you can’t see into - it’s become a box within a box - a riddle within an enigma.

This is how I see the world in my own way. Nothing is ever based on a set pattern, and the matrix of behavior is ever-changing. Death is both end and beginning, or it could be neither. Heisenberg and Schrodinger are always my closest companions. Murphy and his “laws” come in later, when he feels the need to let me know what the odds are that I’ll succeed in something, or just piss it down my leg again. But then again, in comparison to reality - Murphy was too much of an optimist.