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Why do we dream in our sleep? What does our dream mean? Why do we forget them? These are the questions that I think at least one of you guys have asked themselves.

I have been writing down the dreams that I have for as long as I can remember and there has been no connection to them yet. But there has been similarities. No. More like there were repeating dreams. And then I ask myself again, why were they repeated? I mean exactly repeated. Do they have a hidden message?

Have you ever dreamed of places where there are no people? No conversations at all? Maybe non-realistic beings may be included. I don't know how but I have at least dreamed once that there were anime characters,like seriously. Have you dreamed that kind of dream too? I'm sure you did.

Some might say that if certain people appear in your dream that means either you miss them or they miss you. Is that even true? Others also say that these are clues to some important events that might happen to you in the future. I don't know anymore X_X
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