Fairy Tail Dragon Cry. Spoilers.



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So I understand that some people are wondering if Fairy Tail Dragon Cry was any good. As you watch the first few of the Fairy Tail episodes in season 1, you will see that it is indeed a little childish with a little underage humor. But as you start watching season 2, it kind of starts changing and you get all of your ships in. In Fairy Tail Dragon Cry the ship of Gruvia is indeed obvious, (Still) But then there is Gale. Now, honestly I thought this was kind of funny. GAJEEL WAS READING! HE WAS READING AN ACTUAL BOOK! I KNOW PEOPLE. BREATHE IT IN. They end up getting together(In groups and stuff) And going on missions together. (As I can tell from the movie.) Now I feel that Nalu is the #1 ship in Fairy Tail. But it was indeed super cute to see Natsu so close to Lucy's face! *_* Then, there was all the epic-ness with the whole Dragon Cry thing, which ended up being a staff that has all dragons' sorrow, agony, and hatred towards humans/dragon slayers. But put it all together and it is an amazing movie. The animations are well thought out. But please, heed my warning. DO NOT WATCH THIS IN SCHOOL PLEASE!!! If you are able to go to school, I would recomend not watching it in school! I have been questioned by my teachers and fellow classmates about why I am watching something that shows so little clothes.... and that got out of hand pretty fast. Yes. Indeed Lucy and Erza are the number one girls who barely have clothes on.... again. But other than that it was an amazing movie and I recommend it to Fairy Tail fans.