Metaphysical Graffiti - Hikari Oshou\\\'s Tale: Chapter 3 - \"Boy, You\\\'re Gonna Carry That Weight A Long Time...\"



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Chapter 3
Boy, You're Gonna Carry That Weight A Long Time...

"Once there was a way... To get back homeward/Once there was a way... To get back home" - The Beatles, "Golden Slumbers"

The battle was ferocious. No one who was there and lived to tell the tale could say where it started, it seemed to be from all sides at once. On the orders of the Empress' high priest, all soldiers were to immediately lay down arms and surrender. This of course was made to look as if the Empress herself had given the order, but a few (including myself) could see through his deviousness. He was aligning the Dark Warriors so that they surrounded Kyoto.

I at once found myself knee-deep in battle, with the shrine Miko named Eiko by my side. She may not have seemed like much, but she was trained in weapons and hand-to-hand combat, and could hold her own. Both of us made our way to a safe point, previously agreed upon by all members of what was calling itself "The Resistance". Guerilla warfare tactics against a hardened army of conquerors... It didn't seem possible to me, but we had to make a stand not just for ourselves, but for all of Japan.

As soon as I recieved my orders, Eiko and I moved out, to defend what was known as "The stage at Kiyomizu", a huge deck held up over a cliff by an intricate wooden structure. Kiyomizu-dera was to be a turning point in the struggle between light and dark, and it was also a turning point in my life. You've probably heard the phrase about "jumping from the stage at Kiyomizu", and it's true: many youths leapt from the stage over the years to their deaths. But it had to originate somewhere, and tragically, Eiko was the first to leap from the stage. She did it to save me from certain death at the hands of the high priest's men who were surrounding me.

They had me cornered, and I was doing my best to hold them at bay, when I saw her go over the railing. I screamed her name, and cursed myself for not being able to save her. She had been there for me when I needed a friend, and had become to me more than a friend. Her suicide was only a diversion. The light came all at once, a blinding light that seemed to pour over everything, and THROUGH everything. I heard shouting from behind me, and although I couldn't see anything, I stood and turned to the direction the sounds had come from. Gurgling sounds had replaced the shouts, followed by silence. When my eyesight returned, I saw black spots on the ground. Black spots in the shape of paw prints of some sort of animal. I rubbed my eyes, and caught a glimpse of a young woman in white robes and bathed in holy light, kneeling to pick up a small creature that hopped toward her eagerly. She picked it up, then turned to me. The voice came to me again:


I asked the girl how I would be able to get away safely, as Kyoto was being overrun.


As I left, my mind flashed on one thought: Had I just been in the presence of Chocora, Goddess of Light? My question was answered by the sound of drums from above. I looked up to see millions of rays of light arcing downward from the heavens. They split up over Kyoto, and each beam found its own target. Within minutes, Kyoto was being liberated, the evil presence literally being burned out of existence.. My path was now clear. I could return to my village with the body of Eiko, bury her there, and rebuild the temple. I would let the Empress' samurai and archers clean up the rest of the dark troops.

And so, I came home. I buried Eiko and she lies here still, underneath the shrine to Chocora in this same temple. It was her sacrifice that summoned Chocora, her own love and light a shining beacon in the dark. For the longest time I was suffering, but the Goddess helped me by giving me dreams about what was to come next in my journey along life's path. I eventually rebuilt the temple, and over time, became the high priest of my village. I was also a war veteran, serving in not the army of our Empress, but the army of light. As both of you have become.

Mei, Yurie... You are chosen among many to wield the awesome powers granted you by Chocora. I did not choose you. She did. As to why... Only she can answer that. And believe me, it's pretty difficult to get an answer out of her sometimes...

But now, it's time for your combat training. Pick up your weapons from the arms rack, equip your armor. Today you face off against dark warriors in the simulator.