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Chapter 2

"Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun"

Before I tell you two of how the Second Great War ended, and my role in it, I want to impart to you the TRUE story of how this all began. There is so much that normal people either tend to block from their minds, because they can't deal with the truth. But you are both extraordinary young women, and I think you can handle the shock...

"Before everything began, there was the Void. With a wave of his hand, Kami-Sama split the void asunder, and from the elements at the birth of the universe, he took the elements of light and dark, shaping them into his daughters, the Firstborn Children.

Unto the light, he bestowed peace, serenity, and everything that is good. To the dark, he gave strife, cunning, and all that is evil. These two sisters never really had names at first. It wasn't until the final day of the first great war that humankind gave names to these two sisters. The Second Daughter was always jealous of her sister, because she always seemed to have the respect of the other gods, as well as the mortals who worshipped them. In a fit of rage, she enveloped Japan in a sea of fire and blood that would last for over 100 years.

The people of feudal Japan had the custom of offering different items to appease their many gods and goddesses, especially the most high Kami-Sama and his twin daughters. As the First Great War raged, and the towns burned, the people offered their crops and cattle, their gold and jewels, but to no avail. The gods were deaf to the cries of their people.

Many people died before the fighting stopped. Many innocent villagers, many brave defenders, but all too much of a price to pay for peace. For these people, peace was brought by a simple act of love. A simple thing, brought to a temple by a little girl. Akemi was only 5 years old, and loved sweets, especially chocolate. She thought that maybe if the First Daughter accepted her offering, then peace would be restored. She fashioned a small chocolate in the approximate shape of her favorite forest creature - the humble usagi - and took it to the village temple. She gently placed it on the offering plate at the altar, among all the other worldly goods the townsfolk had already placed there.

Then she prayed.

For four days and nights, not even the stoutest Oni could wrest her from her place in front of the altar. For four days and nights, she prayed and prayed... And then it happened...

On the dawn of the fifth day, a rider came down from the hills with a message from the Shogun: Peace had come at last! The rider told everyone a story of how there had been a blinding light from the heavens, followed by a low roar. The ground shook and split, and from the fissures emerged thousands of creatures. Lightning struck them down as quickly as they could crawl away from their crevasses. The Shogun recognized this as a turning point, and ordered his troops to assault both enemy flanks. What the lightning didn't strike down, the samurai and archers on the battlefield had quickly finished off.

Even after the peace had been restored, there was confusion and sorrow as the dead were put to rest and the process of rebuilding began. But no one knew of the little child's token, that one offering from her heart that caused the First Daughter to intercede. No one, that is, except my old master Yoitaro. He was only a monk then, defending the temple, but he noticed that on the fifth day, there was only one offering that had been taken: The little chocolate usagi that 5-year old Akemi had made. One other thing caught his eye: Two ornate eggs - one Gold, one Silver - had appeared beneath a statue of the First Daughter. That night, my master had a vision of the First Daughter standing before him, and she explained that the eggs were a defense against future incursion from her sister. After this, it became known that the First Daughter had a name: Chocora. As to the wicked Second Daughter, she was named Darcora, although today many refer to her as "Anti-Chocora"."*

More later, but first... It should be time for you two to eat. We'll continue after you finish your dinner.

*-Taken from "A History of Futures Past", by Hikari-Oshou (1st printing 1577)