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Okay i know this a little cliche but whatever....

your p.o.v
y/n was walking int he streets of konoha trying to find her team, team 7 to be exact. y/n has been friends with sasuke for a long time and has grown to develop feelings for him over the years, y/n has always been by his side even before the uchiha massacre. after graduating the ninja academy she has finally had the guts to confess to sasuke, nowing there would be consequences by his fangirls. 'hmm,i wonder if i could actually do this'

sasuke p.o.v

it has been almost more than 8 years since i've met y/n tell you the truth i;ve actually grown to have feelings by her...weird right the all mighty uchiha having feelings for a girl, to tell you the truth y/n isn't like any other girl she has been my best friend even before my clans massacre
' does she feel the same way?' i thought to myself.
"Oi teme, what are you doing here?" "Hn" just the i saw y/n walking down the streets.

y/n p.o.v

as i was walking i spot sasuke talking to naruto, he seemed a little annoyed. so as curiosity kiils the cat, i just had to walk over there. "hey sasuke,naruto , what are you guys doing here aren't we supposed to meet with kakashi sensei?"
just as naruto was about to answer a loud schreechingly annoying voice was heard "SASUKE~KUN!!!"
'damn it's sakura, her voice makes my ears bleed' i scoffed as she came over.

third person p.o.v
just as naruto was supposed to answer sakura came rowards them screeming 'SAUKE~KUN!!'
' damn' sasuke thought.............

Sakura p.o.v

i was talking to ino about how cute sasuke~kun was, how his features are like no other.
' that sasuke...why is he talking to naruto and y/n..sasuke is mine and mine only'
im gonna prove them that!!! "SASUKE~KUN!!!!!!!"

"hey sakura~chan" "shut up naruto..hey sasuke wanna train with me today?!" "NO" "i can train with you sakura!" "i didnt ask you naruto" "jeez you didnt have to be so mean sakura.." "who asked you y/n..and why are you with sasuke!!" "im his bestfriend why wouldnt i be with him"

sasuke p.o.v
damn sakura is so will be abe to talk to y/n with all this people around us.
ill just have to wait till later..