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What can I say about Anime episodes that are super short?

Turns out alot!

This is going to be more of a Rant than a good blog, but it will have to do for my first time blogging EVER! :heart:

So.... Being a mum, you would think that Anime that comes in short episodes would be a brilliant idea, for a busy mum packed day.
Well there not!
Thinking of saving time? They're atcually a waste of my time. Not only do they waste time, they have no meaning to any of it, you don't learn anything from them.
The "episodes" don't follow much of a story-line, they're totally random and they are clearly aimed at children with the over-the-top use of colours, music and bold art work.
The only use these anime have is for hard-core Otakus who can tick them of there "I've seen it" List.

Now that's not to say I don't understand that they may just want to show off there work, or may have no time or budget to make it into a full scale production. As any Otaku would appreciate there favorite Authour attempting to make there work into an anime form, would be a very happy otaku indeed!

Still I cannot comprehend to you how much these episodes bug me.

Now to to the juicy part - The Ones I Have Seen!

Super Seisyun Brothers;
Well what can I say, really?
Yes the characters are cute, but that's about it, I feel the episodes were to simple, the story line was pants and it didn't go anywhere! Is there a second season? I don't know and wouldn't care if there was! (3/10)

My wife is the student council president;
I atcually didn't mind this anime, I liked the story line, I loved the characters, I loved what was happeneing. But.. It was just too drawn out, every time you got excited about the main Characters, something would happen, and that's to say the least. It just doesn't wrap up to well for the end of the first season. So I was stoked to find out there was another season. And again of course I was chasing butterflys that never really took off. I found the second season was much worse. (6/10)

Girl Beats Boys;
This anime, even thou it was short. I frinkin Loved it! I loved the fact you had to sit through the intro song, (*as with most animes I watch, once I hear the intro, I skip it the rest of the times untill last ep) As it had some of the story in it, you couldn't skip it. The song wasn't too bad and I kind looked forward to it. There isn't too much to this anime, although there's a pretty good story line, I would have liked to have seen this one a atcually proper Anime.. Would it ruin it thou? Most probably, it was a tad racey, fighting was good, characters you remember. But the ending is just meh, Happy!
I hope there will be more (8/10)

Quick glimse's

These I have had tried to watch, one episode or part of them, just to get a feel and look at the over-all "short episodes" - to broaden my horizens so to speak.

There she is!;
What! What is this crazy crap! I can'!t it reminds me a little of Disney's Zootopia, and The Amazing World of Gumball, where they ship a cat and a bunny together! But this anime is just something else altogether! (2/10)

Gregory Horror Show;
This isn't even an anime from what I can tell, youtube it and it's a buch of games, so I don't know when I was researching where I got it from, But I did find it had a manga, which over all looks intresting to say the least. (1/10)

Chi's Sweet Home;
Okay this is clearly for children. Yes the cat is god damn cute. I atcually dig the intro song, but One episode was enough! (3/10)

Chocolate Underground;
This, humm I am unsure of, I kind of only glanced for a few mins, and googled about it, It is kind of appealing, but who really wants to watch an anime about banned Sugar? (4/10)

Mankura no Danshi;
Just.. Just kill me now! Cringe.

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& Thanks for taking your time to read this.

Peace & Love :heart: