Shoujo Akatsuki no Yona

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  1. This is a shoujo/romance/adventure/fantasy/comedy manga, created by Kusanagi Mizuho who also created several mangas such NG Life, Mugen Spiral and GamexRush.
    Things to look forward to:
    1. The story has an incredible progressive revelation, the plot twists are mind blowing!
    2. The way the characters are drawn and the characters themselves are quite fascinating (especially Kija).
    3. It shows the truths that are seen in our society (politically and socially)
    ^_^ for more questions, just ask me~
  2. I've seen Akatsuki No Yona the anime but never the manga.... I've always wanted to read the manga so much though. But I can't find it anywhere :'-(
    And I love shoujo too or rom-com's :D
  3. Anyone Here? Nope. Oh well, I'm gonna rant then. I fangirl so much throughout the anime! My parents thought I was crazy, or something cuz I was just squealing in a corner while they watch Vampire Diaries. It was so funny. And I have mixed emotions about SooWahn, I definitely am not a huge fan, but I can't decide if I absolutely hate him
  4. Cheer up, Mayu-chan ^_^ the latests ones are yet to be released in Japan and yes, the manga is quite rare in other countries except for Japan :-) But you can always read it online (via Mangafox or etc) ^^
    The manga is really good! I think it's better than the anime. The anime skipped a lot of chapters and went straight on the actual story (no detours) ^^ If your a fujoshi, you might want to consider the chapter "We are Dragons, We are humans" hahaha
  5. I'll be sure to find the manga on mangafox, or some other online app or site. I'm very excited to read it, because most mangas are better than the anime.
  6. The story in very unique, which I really like. All the characters are unique too
  7. Same here Mayu!!! ^_^ You can't really hate Soowon, especially when you have seen the manga!!! So heart-breaking </3 Plus, you just can't get enough of it!
    And yes ^_^ you should really go for it! Manga sites are really updated when it comes to Akatsuki no Yona~ amazing! Hahaha
    Although, Kusanagi-sensei is really making me impatient during the latest ones ^^ The released mangas are too short and it leaves you a lot of questions!
  8. True ^_^ Akatsuki no Yona is truly a master piece!
  9. You're getting me so excited to read it! I can't wait now! ≧◡≦
    I was also wondering... Do you know Minx? I believe he mentioned you.... I think?
  10. Hahahaha ^_^ encouraging people to read manga is really my personal goal~
    And yes ^^ I know Minx. I don't call him Minx though, I call him Nagisa-kun
  11. Hahaha, Nagisa-Kun? Like from Assassination Classroom? Well, his profile picture is Nagisa.
  12. Hahaha ^_^ yup, that's the one. Plus, he's really like Nagisa so yeah~ called him that hahahaha
  13. Hahahaha, Yeah I can see that! Anyways, I've been trying to get into more manga recently. I just bought a manga yesterday, called Romeo X Juliet.
  14. Woah!~ have heard and seen but not read ^_^ what is it about?
    You're so cool Mayu-chan! You buy a lot of mangas~ unfortunately, it's really hard to find a whole set of mangas when mangas (book) aren't very popular in your city~
  15. Thanks a lot for the compliment, but I'm not too great. It's my dad he knows many bookstores and we have been going much more often recently so I bought a manga. It was pricey but worth it.
  16. Hahahaha ^_^ how cool~ bibliophile parents are just awesome!
    It's good to have a father like that and even if you think that you are not, I think you're awesome Mayu-chan ^^
  17. Please, no need for the compliments, you're gonna give me an inflated head. And, yes I'm lucky to have my Dad and family, but spending long periods of time with them with no breaks can be, kind of tiring because I have a big family. But I love them~

    Oh, and the manga. It's the story of Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet, but it's also unique from other Romeo and Juliet Stories, There's a twist to the end but I don't want to spoil
  18. Yume give your self-credit too. You're very friendly and your positive attitude is infectious.
  19. Hahahaha ^_^ give yourself a break~

    That's fantastic, I have always loved Shakespeare's works! ^^ Especially theatrical plays about them like Midsummer Night's Dream!
  20. ^_^ awww~ Mayu-chan's so cute! Thank you for the compliment too!
    Then, it's all thanks to everyone here because you're all so friendly~