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Romance All things Clannad!

Discussion in 'Anime Discussion' started by Fuko Ibuki, September 23, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]
    This has to be one of my favorite Romance animes ^_^ I am sure a lot of you have seen this if not you should check it out! It's got all the sad happy funny loving you could ask all in 1!

    BUT! for those of you who have not checked this out yet here a short background for you.

    Plot Summary: Tomoya Okazaki is a third year high school student resentful of his life. His mother passed away from a car accident when he was younger, causing his father to resort to alcohol and gambling. This results in fights between the two until Tomoya's shoulder is injured in a fight. Since then, Tomoya has had distant relationships with his father, causing him to become a delinquent over time. While on a walk to school, he meets a strange girl named Nagisa Furukawa who is a year older, but is repeating due to illness. Due to this, she is often alone as most of her friends have moved on. The two begin hanging out and slowly, as time goes by, Tomoya finds his life shifting in a new direction.

    It is really one to look into if this is your sort of thing! Feel free to post here let others know if you liked this anime and if you did not! Just please no spoilers without spoiler tag for others wanting to watch it ^_^
  2. omg wtf LOL ok i seriously snorted and laughed at that.
    But I still love the orginal and makes me cry .____.
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  3. For us that have seen the anime though I Love Fuko it is obvious this was one of my fav parts lol!
  4. I need to see this
  5. yea it is a really good anime pretty easy to follow as well with lots of ups and downs more ups than downs ^_^
  6. Be prepared for a serious feels-fest. ;~;
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  7. i only watched clannad because of this girl
    Yukine Miyazawa
  8. oooh she was so mysterious but I do like her character non the less and omg
    When she gives Sunohara a love spell LOL i died laughing.
  9. A lot of feel fests. So much, I had to stop watching after a certain point *Cough* Episode 16 *Cough*. ;~;

    And Fuko was definitely my favorite character. She was basically the only reason I kept watching for so long.
  10. yes she cracks me up so much
    like when she hurt her hand and would not admit it LOL.
  11. Random other spoiler?
  12. it does that sometimes no idea why
  13. [quote="Fuko Ibuki, post: 266, member: 19"]-----[SPOILER]-----[SPOILER][/quote]

    Why are you using [SPOILER] and then with no end tag?

    It should be [spoiler=Content!]This is my spoiled supper. Treat it well. :C[/spoiler]

    This is my spoiled supper. Treat it well. :C
  14. Oh yup forgot the end tag oh well thanks I'll remember! Sometimes xd
  15. Thread deserves to be stickied. Because Clannad.
  17. [​IMG]

    Really, though. After Story takes what you thought was sad and makes it look like a comedy.

    The only thing I didn't like about either Clannad and After Story was that the characters are basically effing reskins of each other. It's in a lot of anime, but it's just a bit extreme with Clannad. Otherwise, I can't say anything negative about either.