Angel Beats To Get VN

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  1. Angel Beats Visual Novel Announcement After Summer [via]

    [​IMG]Angel Beats! visual novel announcement will be “after summer” via animenewsnetwork. Summer in the northern hemisphere ends in August so the earliest we’ll get it is September.
    Visual Art’s/Key President Takahiro Baba reported on Twitter on June 5 that an announcement on the potential Angel Beats! game will be after summer.

    Baba said in February that fans could expect information before this summer.

    An Angel Beats! game adaptation has been a topic of discussion among fans since Maeda revealed a possible adaptation in November of 2010. After two years with little to no updates, Baba re-acknowledged the possibility of a game adaptation on Twitter last October, but stated that the project is not yet at the stage where it can be announced.
  2. Oh neat. This will probably be the first, and last VN I ever play. Loved the anime so much I am willing to try this VN thing.
  3. Well if it ever gets an English patch lol
    unless you play it for the CG's (the in game pics)

    considering the popularity i wont be to surprised if it gets a translation team very quick
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    Angel Beats is one of the most loved animes in NA so I wouldnt doubt for a second that a translation team is anxious to get their paws on it.
    Also Key is one of the best VN developers so I am extremely eager to play it
  5. That's the text right, not the voice? Cause I absolutely hate dubs. Caucasians voices just do not mix with anime.
  6. yes, always text, dubs annoy me lol. I dont think they even go for the effort into dubbing VNs that much because I havent seen any dubs of VNs before.
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