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  1. Discord

    JOIN the server and chat with single anime lovers of all around the world. we chat about anime and anything anime related. Come to our Saturday anime streams on . hope to see you there.

    if you have any question join and fell free to ask.

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  2. That's link doesn't work
  3. So when will there be a working link?
  4. Slightly appeling.... :/
  5. It's a novel idea, but to be frank, most otaku I know aren't patently hit on the idea of the whole "dating" thing. Maybe because they don't really understand it, or maybe because they've seen too many hentai movies and they've become convinced that all they need do is wait. and the big-breasted loose women will fall from the skies like manna.... Unfortunately for them, reality has other plans.

    A dating site populated mostly by socially awkward or inept people? Could be either a disaster, or it could be possibly the most hilarious thing ever. Only time will tell, but then again, I'm one of the very few otaku who have actual dating experience in real life, so I sort of know how real love and relationships work.
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