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Anime or Manga, what do you like?

Discussion in 'Manga Discussion' started by John, July 21, 2013.


What do you like better?

  1. Anime

  2. Manga

  3. I enjoy both equally.

  1. You know I've never really posted this question for myself until recently. I've always been a very visual person and watching anime is great. I usually move onto Manga when I'm forced to by the anime. When Bleach stopped running the anime I moved on to the manga to fill me in on the rest of the story. When Naruto became too filler heavy I just moved onto the manga and never looked back. Now I've added Kimi no Iru Machi to the list and the only reason I read this is because the anime started at chapter 80 of the manga...who does that?

    So, the question to you all...

    What do you like better, anime or manga?
  2. Anime! I hate reading. Books, comics, manga. Don't matter. I don't want to look at black and white sheets of wood. Also, I am a huge Animated motion pictures enthusiast, so whether it's Japanese animation, American comic, or European cartoon, I love it.
  3. Why no Visual Novel? X.x

    Otherwise Anime it is!
  4. I actually like both personally. Although, if I read a manga I won't watch the anime of it and vice versa. I also prefer to watch the anime versions of action packed series because I like the fight scenes, so most of the manga I read tends to be either romance or horror genres.
  5. I enjoy Visual Novels more than anime, I enjoy light novels a little less or equally to anime, and I have never read any Manga, so I don't know.
  6. Anime, but I like reading a good manga here and there.
  7. I prefer both equally. But I first started watching anime than reading manga. Mehe~ :3 Both gives me the feels!
  8. I feel that anime gives me a better feel, and picture of what's going on.
    That's just me though.
  9. I prefer anime but I do read manga
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  10. Ditto here although i suppose im late to this by a lot X.X, i started off with anime then got into manga. Although like crystal i wouldve went visual novels if that was up >.<
  11. I enjoy both equally. But due to time, financial and internet-connection constraints, I'm stuck with manga.
  12. Manga all the way as manga is more detailed and most of the time story makes sence
  13. I like both ' cause after watching anime i read manga for further details and for skipped scenes
  14. That right image is just wrong!! XD XD XD XD
  15. that's what happens when you are dependant on anime only

    similar vein to when people prefer the dubbed version: they miss out alot on other series.
  16. i might say that both anime and manga is best for me i cannot decide which is better