April 2013 Visual Novel Releases

Discussion in 'Visual Novels' started by Crystal, April 5, 2013.

  1. Eroge releases eh?, [​IMG]
  2. Eroge and visual novels are the same thing just named differently lol
  3. I will post later what I will hopefully play, but after a quick look, I am sad to see that Monster Girl Quest Part 3 isn't on it :'-( (About to finish Part 2)

    Add: Are we allowed to post reccomendations for eroge? Rules say that we can't discuss it, but can we post about it? (Post a thread but don't describe any ingame hentai scenes)
  4. well Fortissimo is an H-game and i think its fine long as we dont post any H-content either way im bored lol
  5. If you want, I can link you to the download for Monster Girls Quest part 1 lol. Its like 900 MB, but its fun :-). Just so you know, there are A LOT of rape scenes (1 for every loss xD)


    Video that Has links for part 1 + English patch:

    Right Here

    If you have questions about installing, just ask.
  6. So we're posting Monster Girls Quest, jesus that is some freaky shit.
  7. It is REALLY strange. Its a bit like pokemon in a way (the battles that is), and luck is very important in this game. But sadly, we have to keep the thread on track ;_;, so we can't post to much about it right here.