Best Thai Curry in the world!

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    Curries... God knows i love 'em. From the mild to the spicy to the "I've just burnt the hairs off my feet", i've had them all - Indian, Japanese, and Thai. Or at least I thought I had eaten authentic Thai curry.

    Surin West is a small place, located in the Five Points community in Birmingham, Alabama. It serves traditional Thai cuisine, and last night while roaming the area i chanced upon the curry house of my dreams.

    It's not too pricey, and you get huge servings for what you pay. Try the shrimp with green curry. You won't be disappointed.
  2. Ooooh Yummy! Thanks for the tip Ippan-san!!!!!!!! I ADORE Thai food!!!!!!*_*:cheer:
  3. If you're ever in Birmingham, Alabama, Surin West is the place to go.
  4. *_*I want some to *_*
  5. *unzips portal, reaches in and pulls out a plate of Pad Thai and a bowl of chicken curry, setting them in front of Mei* How is this for starters?
  6. @Mei_Sempai, all you need to do is ask, and I'll cook for you. As long as it isn't sushi, because you have to have a license to be a sushi chef. I'm not gonna spend six more years in an apprenticeship just to make Spider Rolls and Nigiri sushi.
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    ....And right across the street is: