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Romance Campione!

Discussion in 'Anime Discussion' started by Crystal, September 23, 2012.

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    Some people suddenly find religion, but for 16-year-old Kusanagi GoDo, it's that REALLY old time religion that's found him! As the result of defeating the God of War in mortal combat, GoDo's stuck with the unwanted position of Campione!, or God Slayer, whose duty is to fight Herectical Gods whenever they try to muscle in on the local turf. Not only is this likely to make GoDo roadkill on the Highway to Heaven, it's also a job that comes with a lot of other problems. Like how to deal with the fact that his "enhanced status" is attracting a bevy of overly-worshippy female followers. After all, they're just there to aid him in his demi-godly duties, right? So why is it that their leader, the demonically manipulative sword-mistress Erica Brandelli, seems to have such a devilish interest in encouraging some VERY unorthodox activities?

    anyone who likes action/romance will like this
  2. I can't seem to remember if I've seen this or not... Is there a tree or something to do with a tree behind the school in the first 3 episodes? And does Kasanagi have a really big sword. :sigh: I hate it when i cant remember wether or not I have watched an anime before
  3. Kagura-Chan, I have recently watched the anime and Kusanagi actually does have a big sword.
  4. Yeah lol!