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  1. This is the third time I am attempting to make this thread :pissed: (inb4 page glitches from copy & pasting)
    The game isn't out yet and will not be for awhile, expected to be around early 2014.To lazy to rewrite my personal description because i already wrote it twice :-(

    Here is a video from 3 months ago, it shows a bit of the mechanics and what the game will be like, there is a QA session at the end if you want to listen to it lol. also, skip to 10:48, just music at the start.

    Description from Steam:
    Centration is a first person survival horror multiplayer sandbox game.

    Centration is an in-development game, we have a functional build but it is not currently public until we are satisfied of its quality. We appreciate your continued support and understanding.

    Join dozens of other players from all over the world to crew a space station, space ship or outpost in a far-flung solar system, where anything can, and most likely will, go wrong.

    The Story
    Earth, 2152. The world has become a nightmare - a utopian collection of mega-cities governed by the United Earth Federation; a government formed after the third world war ended in nuclear disaster. But that's only the face of it. The world is really controlled by mega corporations, and everything is a commodity - Energy, Food, Water, even Air. Everything is barcoded and distributed to the ever-growing ravenous hordes.

    Universal Technologies (UniTech) - a huge research and development of technology corporation, controls space; from the colonies on Mars, their HQ on the Moon, to the deep-space station sitting on the edge of the Sol solar system, orbiting our sun. They hold the biggest fleet, the 'official' navy, endorsed by the UEF themselves to govern space, and they patrol the millions of miles of space constantly.

    What people don't know, is the top-secret exhibition, codenamed Centration, sent to Keplar-16, a solar system far from our own, in the interests of setting up a colony on a habitable planet without the UEF's approval. It's an exhibition to save humanity, they claim. They did not anticipate the effects of living in deep space, and the disaster that awaits them...

    Sandbox Gameplay
    The game is yours, gameplay will flow from you and the people you play with. One of the core aims of Centration is to provide a sandbox for you to create the situations and the gameplay for yourself; the opportunity for true role-play, or simple fun!​

    Survive or Die
    Survival is key. It’s one of the most important mechanics with Centration. You’ll be on board a space station, with equipment that could (and will) malfunction, with people that could turn on you any minute, with the harsh cold of space surrounding you, and so many other unknowns that you’ll have to learn for yourself… can you survive Centration?​

    Multiplayer Round-Based
    Centration is predominately multiplayer, played in rounds that could last from 5 minutes to 5 hours. You’ll be playing with dozens of other players from all over the world, and their motives may be slightly different from your own… Maybe they’re assigned to kill you? Maybe they’ll do it anyway. You never know… but one thing is for certain; you will need to watch your back.​

    Diverse Combat
    Brutal, visceral, and most of all… dangerous. Centration isn’t about fast-paced in-your-face combat, running and gunning. It’s not an FPS. It’s a battle for survival. Your weapon? Whatever you can reach before you come to an untimely end. What will you get? Are you lucky enough to be armed with a gun? Maybe a scalpel smuggled out of the med-lab? Or are you unlucky enough to have been rudely interrupted on the loo, forced to use your own shoe in defense of your life…​

    Feature-packed Medical Systems
    But of course, when everything goes pear-shaped during combat, there’s the diverse medical system , which can save (or curse…) you. You can be bruised, fractured, broken, cut, strangled and poisoned. Internal bleeding, ruptured organs? Brain damage? The doctor will be your best friend… or worst enemy.​

    Centration includes a dynamic airflow simulation. The station has a limited supply of air, and the tools to recycle and process the Co2 back into O2. A single hull breach is all that stands between you and the vacuum of space. In the event of explosive decompression, you will find yourself (and everything that isn’t bolted down nearby) being sucked through the breach into the cold dark of space.​

    The space station uses generators to produce electricity and wires to transport it. Every bundle of wire leads to a necessary device, and every device consumes energy from the power grid. If something should go wrong, you will quickly find yourself in the dark with no life support. The power grid is dynamic, and thus, will require work and rerouting every time a section of the ship is cut off.​

    Why are we even here? What are we doing? Why is everyone dying? Who cares!! You can do SCIENCE! Lock yourself away in a science lab while the station rips themselves apart, and discover all the secrets that await you, or team up with the crew to uncover new and cruel ways of inflicting pain and death.​

    Fully interactive Environment
    Where’s the fun if you can’t blow ♥♥♥♥ up? The entire station is interactive and destructible. You never wanted that corridor anyway. Might as well, you know, blow it up? ​

    Here is another Video, this one is from one week ago showing off some of their progress​

    Add: be sure to greenlight on steam if you think you will play!​
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  2. Just some updates on the game:

    1. The game has been greenlight on Steam
    2. They have been having money troubles so they were trying to get people to donate. I think they should be fine with the community's support so far though.
    3. If the game gets through, it should release somewhere in, "The Fourth Quarter of 2014". Alpha is expected sometime in September this year.