Confessions of an Otaku.

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    Guys I frinkin God damn Love you all, I have only been a memeber for a couple of days and Have alread felt enlightened and refreshed.

    Before now, I have been a bit of a boring person, with a lot of anime watched, and a small toddler running around keeping me, well me..

    Now I know this may or may not sound mad but I liturally have No Friends what so ever.
    Yes I have people on Fb or on my email or phonebook that I have known at one point or another in my sad sad life. But scince having a child I have No1 (apart from family but they do'nt count)

    So When it comes to my Passion or hobbie... I dnt know,,, anyways Anime/Manag/Japanese/Japan/Aisa..

    Well.. Execpt my Ex who I had a kid with (+ family) I have had No-one to talk about anime with and other such things listed.

    Now scince being on here in the last couple of days.. I have totally spilled everything out of me. And of course I dnt just mean Anime e.c.t (stuff I dnt tell no1)
    Like secretsand Thoughts, Having no life/friends and embarrising Crap.

    Anyways I forgot what my point was...,

    In all Honesty I just want to thank you all for putting up with my sexual or strange Comments up to this point.

    Because at the end of the day. If you can't tell a stranger on the internet... Who the fuck can you tell..

    Umm. Yea Even I duuno half the time.

    Peace& Love :heart:
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  2. I don't have much of a life outside my family too. I am trying to continue my studies, yes, but I have no friends outside. I have people on fb and phonebook but I almost never talk to them anymore. The people I have meet on here are wonderful, kind, funny and downright enjoyable :cheer:
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  3. Awww you guys are gonna make me cry! But yeah, same here. You guys are all so supportive and kind and encouraging.....who says internet friends can't be REAL friends?! (Well, my dad, but wutevs)
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  4. Hey, we're one big dysfunctional family here. But dysfunctional in a GOOD way. (I think)

    And *makes zipping motion across mouth* your secret's safe.

    I don't go blabbing sensitive info like that anyway. I mean, I wouldn't even tell people in RL if I could stand to be around them. (Voltaire was right! Hell IS other people!)

    I think we're all glad to have you here, Rose.
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