Do you like the MC to be powerful in the beginning or powerful later?

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How do you prefer you're MC?

  1. He/She is already strong/talented

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  2. He/She becomes strong through time and effort

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  1. I know I'm seriously simplifying the types of MC(main character) out there, but it is my belief that a MC falls into one of two categories, that are in turn divided into various other categories. These two are the "already strong/talented" and "becomes strong over time" categories.

    Already strong/talented - generally these types of MC help others more than they are helped themselves; since they are already so powerful in what they do.

    Becomes strong over time - these types of MC generally start off weak, but though the help of others they rise to the occasion and safe the day.

    Like I said I REALLY simplified those categories, but I think I've said enough so that anyone who has watched/read a lot of anime/manga would know what I'm talking about. Please vote if your so inclined and if you're REALLY feeling generous please post why you chose what you did. I can't wait to read the points of view! :D

    As for me, I'm completely in the "already strong/talented" group! Don't get me wrong I like rooting for the underdog and almost nothing beats seeing the underdogs efforts paying off (just watch the Naruto series and you'll know what I mean:'-(). But for my own personal relaxation, nothing beats seeing the bad guys completely out matched :D.

    Well that's it for me, I'm looking forward the the votes and posts!!!
  2. My honest opinion on that subject is i like the main character to grdually get stronger but normally i like to see the most changes during the middle of the anime but thats my opinion
  3. Hey nice opinion, it may differ from mine, but I still appreciate it!!! :D

    Thanks for participating!!! :-)
  4. personally, i like a strong MC, but im really just in it for the polt and the creativity that goes in throughout
  5. Hmm, I see :thinking:

    Interesting :thumbsup:
  6. as much as i'm a sucker for that sweet, sweet campbellian stuff, for a long time i wanted to see a good interpretation of a superman figure who tries to deal with crap that's outside his field of expertise

    then one-punch man came along, and now it's one of my favorite anime ever
  7. Cool! Never seen it, looks like it's worth a look :D
  8. ^ you've never seen one-punch man? that's like one of the biggest anime of 2015 that even got non-otaku people hooked
  9. Yep, it's sad, but it's the truth XD
  10. I personally want a strong MC right from the very start. Weak MCs are too mainstream nowadays. I want a strong MC that gets stronger. Quote the words "stronger" to emphasize. Weak MCs are rather too boring to watch.
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  11. I completely I agree! XD
  12. just go watch one-punch man already :-P
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  13. Okay, okay gotcha XD
  14. That's just another way of saying you're a fan :puke:
  15. Oh is that so lol :-)
  16. I love both types however it bugs me when the MC is so weak at first that they do nothing but lose or rely on the side character that is strong to save them a nice balance where they can hold there own without being a god character is preferable.
  17. Yes I totally agree with that! :D

    Though a few god characters once in a while aren't so bad XD
  18. Right? take the main character of " The Asterisk War" he was very powerful however he was matched by several other characters and the main antagonist as well it was a very well developed skill set the chose for him.
  19. Exactly, also Yukihira Souma is another example, he's strong, but loses in all the right places XD if that makes any sense XD
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  20. Then their are characters like ( no offense to her because I lover her ) lucy who even thought eh develop their powers never compare to the enemy or their friends and its sad
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