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Dragon Ball Super Episode 82

Discussion in 'Anime Discussion' started by Rondo, March 15, 2017.

  1. What do you guys beleive will happen in Dragon Ball Super Episode 82? Here's my thoughts:

    Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 82

    Dragon Ball Super Episode 82
    “The Warrior of Justice Toppo has descended in front of Goku! As Goku and the others have achieved victory for Universe 7, the Universe 11 warrior Toppo suddenly appears! Toppo rages about not forgiving Goku, but…?!”

    “Omni-King This Week: showing interest in Goku and Toppo’s battle! The Omni-King has his interest piqued by Goku and Toppo’s battle, and accepts a proposal from Universe 11’s gods to have a special match.”

    Looking at the synopsis, the two seem to focus less on fighting and more on bolstering their arguments. But, in a different synopsis by Animedia, the episode is said to “show off close combat with neither side giving an inch.” However, before the two warriors can display their full strength, their match is stopped by the Great Priest.

    After Goku and his Universe 7 team soundly took down Universe 9, fans are encouraged to hear another universe can challenge the Saiyan squad. In the past, longtime fans have complained no villain can match the might of Goku’s collective forces, but the multiverse tournament has pitted the group against new and untested opponents.

    So, if Goku knows what’s best for him and his home, he’ll make sure to recruit the best warriors possible for the Tournament of Power.