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Slice of Life Engaged to the Unidentified

Discussion in 'Anime Discussion' started by Dirtbag, March 20, 2014.

  1. [​IMG]

    "All Kobeni wanted for her sixteenth birthday was to enjoy a cake with her family, but her mother surprised her with a piece of unwelcome news instead! The teen’s late grandfather arranged a marriage for the girl, and her 'fiancé' Hakuya, along with his mature-for-her-years little sister, are moving into the house today! Now, Kobeni and her pervy older sister Benio must adjust to their new extended family life, from figuring out what foods the newcomers dislike, to explaining to their friends who these new relatives are!" - Anime-Planet

    A great slice of life comedy I would definitely recommend, It's got a touch of romance but it's not overbearing or some harem building crap just a straight couple with a family of fun.
  2. That GIF tho. XD Slice of life usually isn't my thing but this sounds pretty cool :-)
  3. Mikakunin :heart: You must watch :D also I find the VA for Mashiro to be so good >.< that ending song speed.
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  4. Yeah i started watching yestarday and now im on Ep. 8 Great show lol.
    Favorite character is prob Konoha or Kobeni lol