Ever met a tsundere in real life?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by John, September 7, 2014.

  1. To start, let's discuss...what is tsundere? Urban Dictionary tells us:
    With that in mind, have you ever met a girl (or boy) who fit that description? Thinking back on my time in college I remember meeting a girl who was excessively cold to me, only to find out she actually liked me. Have you ever experienced this odd phenomenon?
  2. Not really...but I've definitely been mean to people that I liked lol.
  3. You're totally yandere...I fear for furious...
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  4. I noticed a several years ago child me was Tsundere. I changed that as soon as I found out though. I was incredibly rude to everyone in my family cause I was too embarrassed to show them my love and gratitude, to the point I would run away from hugs and never tell anyone I loved them, even though I really did. That extended into school when confronted by the girl I liked, I'd say something rude and down putting to get her off my case, and I never shared with my close friends who were my crushes. But I also think Tsundere might just be a childhood thing, and I'm sure it's not something abnormal, up until adult hood in which case it might be a mental problem if it continues.
  5. Think it is just a childhood thing... although I would say I was fairly more abnormal than you in many ways that I don't really want to remember
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  6. I've met a tsundere before, when I was in high school, she was in my art class the table seat across from mine, and she would kick me underneath the desk in the knee or shin every time or whenever she wanted to. She would also be so against me when I was in a conversation at the table, or insulting me whenever lol, but she was always smiling, I could tell she liked me for reasons, 1: she drew on my stuff, 2: she hates showing feeling unless it was in a cold way, 3: she knows im a masoch- :mute: anyway, that's my story
  7. Well either that or she was bullying you....
  8. nah, wasnt bullying, she was one of my friends for a couple years, was during freshmen year.
  9. i once knew a guy from high school who had a crush on one of my friends but couldn't spit it out so he kept trolling her and all that garbage

    so, yeah, those -dere types are horrible in real life, i'll say
  10. When I was small and barely knew about anime I made myself an imaginary Tsundere friend. XD But I haven't really met a real life flesh and mind tsundere I do wish 2 though.
  11. Personally I've never met a true blooded tsudere.

    However I have met plenty of people with attitude XD
  12. Can't say I have
  13. First person who came to mind is my younger sister she's pretty tsundere
  14. Wow, that must be tough haha
  15. Yah it its.:sigh:
  16. Stay strong and I know that thou shalt persevere:powa:
  17. well...I've been called a tsundere and a kuudere before ^_^;
  18. tsundere and kuudere? Wow, you are a woman of many faces and expressions if you can pull that off XD. Most excellent :thumbsup:
  19. well...i've been called salty, sarcastic,cold, dark cold hearted,expressionless and well yeah i guess i kinda have that emo otaku vibe around me lolollol
  20. If I ever met one that would be one of the coolest moment in my life XD. Always wanted to meet one sadly haven't done so yet lol.