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Fairy Tail Canceled March 30th, 2013

Discussion in 'Anime Discussion' started by lordrice, March 30, 2013.

  1. As some of you may know, Fairy Tail has been canceled due to unknown reasons.
    What I heard is that, the anime isn't going anywhere and that one of the voice actors quit/was fired, Fairy Tail is going to be replaced with another anime called 'Driland'.
    The series ended on episode 175, during the episode there was a scene with Levi, it isn't in the manga, so it may be a hint to a re-airing of Fairy Tail on July 7th.
    On a side note: It sucks that one of THE BEST (in my opinion) anime is now ending.
  2. AWWW!
    When I used to play TERA, I was apart of a Fairy Tail-themed guild that was super fun. :(

    Sad to see something that had so much work put towards it just go like that.
  3. Driland, from what I've seen, sucks.
  4. Its ok if it was ended as long as it will be back one day. cant wait for its return. :D and play slot games no deposit while watching on it like before.