Favorites Songs and Soundtracks Anyone?

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  1. So guys, I just wanted to ask: Does anyone have a song or soundtrack from a favorite anime show or movie that they'd like to share?
    One of my favorite songs, "Four Seasons", comes from one of the Inuyasha the Movie: Swords of an Honorable Ruler. My favorite soundtrack from a show is called Nagi no Asukara, and I have a lot of favorite songs from Naruto, Fairy Tale, and Bleach.
  2. Well first of all, awesome profile picture! :D

    Well... so far I've liked everything that has come the artist T.M. Revolution (he provided a lot of the music for Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings) if I had to choose one of his songs it would be Flags that's about it for now.

    If your interested in songs, there is a thread on the Entertainment link called "Otaku Music Station", it's where members have posted songs they like, please feel free to do the same :D :D
  3. Heheh, thanks. Yooo I'm such a noob XD. You been helping me out a lot, man. I appreciate it.
  4. You are more than welcome, it's my privilege :bows: :-)

    Besides, aside from this site, you probably know more about anime/manga than I do :D

    I'm quite the noob myself yo yo:yo:
  5. My favorite soundtrack is Noi! the Clara Dolls from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Its short, but worth listening to..I hate how it doesn't have a longer version, to i listen to looped versions.
  6. OPM Battle! was a good one for me. Always likes listening to it while playing games or chilling.
  7. Where is that song from?:confused:
  8. It's from One Punch Man
  9. Core pride (from ao no excersist) and resonance (from soul eater) their so awesome :powa:
  10. Oh I see :D, many thanks
  11. I got a few I really like .. soo here goes:

    man with a mission - seven deadly sins .. which is the second op to seven deadly sins (wow surprise xD)

    egoist - all alone with you from psycho pass.

    the songs from girls dead monster ... that is the band from angel beats, voiced by Lisa I think .. especially the song called little braver

    the gangsta op .. renegade .. but not so much the original as the English cover from a guy called aruvn or so ..

    the btoom op . no pain no game – nano

    this one hellsing ending .. aaahm .. shine or so from mr. big

    the one punch man opening .. but again not the original but the English cover from Jonathan Young. The guy actually covered some other anime ops too .. and Disney songs .. god i love the guy xD

    that’s about it for now =)
  12. Nice suggestions, I like how orderly you arranged them :thumbsup:
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    Full metal alchemist brotherhood has the Best music in my opinion. And also naruto the music always makes me cry T-T
  14. I enjoy one of the tracks from Zetsuen No Tempest

    It's called 'Collapse'
  15. I have 2 fave soundtracks from back in the day, "Project A-Ko 3" and "Machine Robo Butchigiri Battle Hackers".
  16. Cool suggestions lol
  17. They're probably long out of print. I had them both on cassette tape.
  18. YESSSSSS I LOVE THOSE TWO!!!*_*:inlove:*_*
  19. Hmmmmm well all the songs from Uta no Prince Sama are good
    And also fairy tail ops.
    And I like some of the FMA Openings especially Melissa lolz
  20. Manten from Fate Zero us one of my favourites