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Favourite Anime of All Time?

Discussion in 'Anime Discussion' started by Wazurau, July 24, 2015.

  1. Personally, mine is Steins;Gate. What's yours?
  2. This is a hard one for me, but I'd have to say Toaru Majutsu no Index.
  3. Fairy Tail obviously. Love it so much :-) .
  4. either Clannad or Code Geass for me
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  5. This is a really hard one seeing as its subject to change; something new could come out. I have to say though Eureka Seven. Not because its a, objectively speaking of course, masterpiece (though subjectively obviously I think it is). It just has so much depth and it was the show that got me back into anime.
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  6. uhh... Er...

    Tie Between Nanana's Buries Treasure and Eden Of the East
  7. It would have to be Noragami
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  8. Omg i love noragami 2,have you seen the second season?
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  9. My favorite would probably be Non Non Biyori
  10. Tokyo ghoul
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  11. Kinda torn between SAO and Tokyo Ghoul
  12. But also torn at the same time between TG and SAO :'-( it's hard to choose
  13. Hard, but if I had to choose, I'd say Naruto
  14. You can't beat a classic, how about Chobits?
  15. I agree, a classic is a classic! I don't know about Chobits, I've obviously heard of it, but for some reason its never struck me as something I wanted to watch at that point in time. Though if your recommending it I might just have to look at it again. :-)
  16. It really is worth the look-up. It's pretty decent on the overall content (24 episodes, I think) it's by far the oldest anime I've ever seen, but I think that's where it gets its charm.

    ( animators back in the day didn't really focus too much on the graphics, but instead poured most of their time on developing amazing story plots and settings, as well as stand-alone character types, which made for a pretty awesome series of anime)
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  17. I see. I hear you about the character development, though I personally appreciate the advances in the graphics, it should never sacrifice good character development.
  18. Ikr, there's nothing wrong with the new-gen, other than the regurgitation of story plots (mostly, the only thing separating one anime from another is genre settings)
  19. Yep, true that lol :-)