Final Fantasy Series

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  1. Who doesn't/didn't play Final Fantasy series here? Who haven't heard of Final Fantasy series here?
    Welcome to the thread of Final Fantasy series, one of the most popular, if not the most popular, video game franchise in the world!

    You like Zidane's personality? Post here.
    You think Cloud Strife is a jerk? Post here.
    You're fascinatd by the insanity of Kefka? Post here.
    You hate Sephiroth? Post here.
    You love FFIV? Post here.
    You love the couple Squall and Rinoa? Post here.
    You hate that Final Fantasy 13 has no world map? Post here.
    You wish there's a sequel to Final Fantasy 8? Post here.
    You love listening to Melodies of Life? Post here.
    Your favourite Final Fantasy titles are FInal Fantasy 7,8,9 and 12? Post here.
    You think that the Squall's Dead Theory is correct or incorrect? Post here.
    You think that Rinoa is Ultimecia? Post here.
    You think that Final Fantasy series is the most epic game franchise in the world? Post here!!

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