For those who are learning japanese :p

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    Ohayou, first of all if this is seen as spam, i'm sorry, delete this post please.
    We are a pair of programming students and japan freaks and we made a free app to learn/practise japanese by playing.
    I would hate that people could see that as spam. I just wanted people to see my work :o

    It's our first app so any review will be welcomed ^^.
    we thought this would be a good place to show it, anyway if this breaks the forum rules, i'm sorry, please delete it. Thank u :heart:
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  2. Will you have an iPhone version?
  3. Well, that's a lot of work but if we have enough downloads for sure we will :p
  4. hmmm, there can be exceptions, ill notify @John about it, but in my opinion I don't see any problem with sharing your app. It is japan culture, maybe if you participated in the forums a bit it should be ok, but I could be wrong.
  5. Sure i will! i'm not a huge manga fan but i have an infinite <seen> anime list :p
    I have seen a lot of otaku sites looking for people to test our app but this is definitely the best :p

    We just realeased a new patch fixing every single crash and bug.
    We'll keep looking for feedback!
  6. No problem. Since it's an app, no big deal. Linking to competing web sites are things that will not be tolerated. However, try not to spam it, keep things within this thread :-).