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    Title fortissimo//Akkord:Bsusvier
    Aliases フォルテシモ アコルト:ビーサスフィーア
    Length Medium (10 - 30 hours)
    Developer La'cryma & Circus
    Publishers La'cryma

    Same setting
    fortissimo EXS//Akkord:nächsten Phase

    Reiji is a typical student on the remote southwest island of Tsukuyomi-jima. However, due to an unexpected event where his life was in danger, he awakened as the 13th magical summoner. After summoning the spirit and magical superweapon Sakura, she gifts him with the special ability ‘Da Capo,’ which allows him to summon anyone who he met in the past 24 hours or reverts items back to its previous state (up to 24 hours ago). Now they must participate in a battle they cannot avoid.

    Not gonna lie but this VN has made me cry (since the majority of the friends have to fight and kill each other to survive it really tears you up, plus its just so sad when a character dies and no one remembers their existance other then the mages themselves) If your up to check it out/watch it heres the walkthrough (the user was kind enough to sub the entire thing so im grateful!) Early on its all about comedy/getting to know the characters then they are forced to fight each other since they were chosen to be "Mages" and the thing is each Mage is given a unique magical weapon and the only way to kill another mage is to destroy that magical weapon itself. Then a mage has no way of coming back (since they have super regen like stats.) Basically they fight in "Eyespace" a place created by Odin (The creator of the battle royale) and only mages can fight and basically if mages dont fight EVERYONE else outside will die (If no mage dies in 20+ hours) I'm not the best explainer but if you watch Scene 11 all the rules are explained pretty much (Ill post the vid here to save you the trouble) I forgot to mention that Mages cant use their weapons outside of "Eyespace", and when a Mage dies the winning Mage can take their power, lastly the game is seen thru 2 protagonists (mainly 1 though)

    So yeah that sums up my long paragraph.... and if your up for it here's the playlist

    Fortissimo EXA//Akkord:Bsusvier Complete Walkthrough Part 1 - YouTube
    Fortissimo EXA//Akkord:Bsusvier Complete Walkthrough Part 2 - YouTube

    The Opening

    It would make my day if someone else joins me and watches this with me! (Im on scene 44 which is the 3rd battle of about 15 battles.....)

    The Protags

    The Mages
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  2. Ok, I am watching it on Youtube right now and I am on Scene 7. So far I am loving it, but if your warnings are true, I will be holding back tears soon enough *gulp*. And this also seems like it will take some time to finish, which you already know how much I love :-) . I am hoping for some romance between Momiji and Reiji, but if there isn't, DON'T TELL ME! If you tell me that there isn't any, I will probably quit this VN. So don't spoiller me plz :shhh:

    Thanks for the reccomendation Crystal :heart:
  3. your in luck since the 3 routes of Fortissimo are (for Reiji atleast)


    (atleast they get a route, Miki doesnt get a true route :(

    Ryuichi obviously gets

    Keisuke Gets

    btw your opinion of Momiji might change at scene 14 :-P be prepared
    (it didnt change for me since shes one of my favorites and its totally understandable why she is doing.... (cant spoil)

    EDIT: if you ever finish EXA (which is pretty much the common route) ill link the EXS walkthrough with the 3 routes (thats when all the real romance starts to develop if you picked enough of the right choices in EXA)
  4. Almost finished scene 20, and I still like Momiji because I do think its understandable why she did what she did, and its not like she wanted to do it. But I am loving this so thanks again :heart: . Oh, and I want to see Reiji's route with Sakura and Momiji, Momiji cause she is cute, Sakura because of the circumstances + she is very innocent. And If he goes on Sakura's route, is he basically dating himself? (Like his right hand, if you know what i mean ^.^)
  5. I treat Sakura/Reiji relationship (early on) to be like "One Soul One Body", and Btw what do you think of the music that plays during battles? I find most of them epic/fitting to the current battle situation.
    And i agree and did you cry when

    Major Spoilers (Dont Click If You Plan To Watch It)
    kirisaki died? I liked the dude and the only chance of a bromance was killed off so early :( + his old women friend will be alone thats what really saddened me all he wanted to do was live his life but he chose to attack Reiji and Sayuki which cost him his life, thnen he lost and everyone except the mages will forget about him truly saddening :(, all he wanted was to go back to his normal life oh wells T-T)

    whats your opinion on the 2 fights you've seen so far?

    Sayuki Vs Momiji

    Sayuki/Sakura/Reiji Vs Kirisaki
  6. I like most of the music, I think it sorta fits the game aspect of it. And as for that ...
    I didn't cry when Kirisaki died, mainly because they only really went into his story right before he died, if there was some time to settle it in, I probably would of cried cause I was still pretty sad when he died. As for the two fight scenes so far, the music does add to the "feel" of the situation. For Momiji vs. Sayuki, I thought it was a bit epic and not at all disappointing. I find the aspect of people always having another trick up there sleeve nice, because that way the fight will not get boring quickly. As for the Sayuki/Sakura+Reiji VS. Kirisaki fight, I found it very unique and pretty interesting. They put a lot of emphasis in his confidence by having him combine his 666 knives into one. Although if the fight were real, he probably would of left one behind his back as a backup or something. Also, isn't 6-6-6 the numerical version of god or something like that? I thought I heard something similar to that in Assassin's Creed 3. And, just so you know, if some anime girl said she was going to kill me, I would question it, but then let her kill me. And I don't think death is that bad, mainly because (I am an atheist) I believe you no longer exist, aka no memories, no hell, no heaven, just nothingness

    Also, what scene are you on? I am on 38 :cheer:
  7. I'm On 60 at this rate your gonna be ahead of me lol
    your already getting close to the 2nd real battle

    and someone else (wont spoil but you've met him) has a fighting style like Kirisaki (many weapons but doesnt have as many as Kirisaki + they arent knives) The difference is he keeps his trump card in his pocket unlike Kirisaki who blew everything into that one blow

    and there are a good amount of game overs in this game to lol
  8. Its the guy that is visiting the little girl, am I right? :-P and he uses cards I assume [I saw the mages in the pic you posted lol]? And there is only like 70 scenes, isn't there? I don't think I will catch up in time lol
  9. noooooo
    Playlist 1 = 146 videos
    Playlist 2 = 100 Videos

    so about 246 scenes in EXA

    EXS is actually sometime in EXA (and it cuts into a heroines route)
    if im correct basically EXA is Sakura/Miki route

    EXS Splits some time in EXA (Will play an opening for that heroine Sayuki/Momiji)
    and EXS is about another 100+ (including both sayuki and momiji route)
    so ive still got a AWHILE to go (and yes Keisuke is the other mage who fights like Kirisaki lol)
  10. Whoops, I forgot the other routes XD And when I say scenes, I mean the title, not the video #. The video # for me is 74, I assume yours is about 105
  11. ? are you watching this from COMegamanexe's account? they are on the beach right now. I haven't seen the second fight yet. Its the 76'th video in the playlist, but the scene is numbered by COMegamanexe as Scene 39. Because some scenes are split into two videos. Sorry about the confusion lol. I am loving this more than most of the animes I have seen! :heart:

    Btw: A good gay joke makes the world go round :naughtylaugh:
  12. Ahhh right after the beach is 2nd battle lol (I just stick to scenes since i watch this on my ipad)
  13. Well, it's past midnight so imma stop at scene 40. It's about 2 scenes from the 3'rd fight (or 2'nd if you count the first two as one). I am starting to wonder if all the people that die will have like one person that they are close to that still remembers them after they die.
    If its just the old lady and Kirisaki, I think that Odin is the Old lady, my guess, probably not true though, but would be funny if it was true)
  14. considering how most of the mages are close to each other they always reminince on the person that dies (that only adds more sadness imo) after all the battles are done
  15. Status Update:Finally reached scene 58, one scene before they go into eyespace once more I believe. Poor Reiji though, Sakura even knows about his "Life Work" XD . And there like 200 scenes, right? If so, this might take awhile lol. And just wondering, but does Reiji end up picking one person and end up killing everyone else? Or do several people live, etc. Only one way to find out I guess. *presses play button*

    What scene are you on btw. I am guessing like 72.
  16. remember that he said that he will only attack enemies that attack him (plus its better off just watching for yourself) since more and more people die , the more likely that the friends are gonna have to fight each other

    btw Umi has a pretty op power just wait and see lol

    im on scene 69
  17. You got that right! And did you cry on scene 73? I would of, but THIS F**KING COLD that I have has proven to be most annoying :sick: (I have had it since Saturday morning, longest cold I have had yet!). The second half of that scene kinda made me angry though, cause they just had a heart-warming scene and they go and ruin the mood.
  18. lol yah
    and btw the routes for Momiji/Sayuki/Sakura split right after the

    umi fight

    basically the EXA Walkthrough is Sakura's route (the playthrough your watching now)
    and the EXS walkthrough is for Momiji/Sayuki

    man why did Umi have to go yandere mode T-T (shes one of my more likable characters)
  19. If she didn't go off like that, I probably would of cried. I mean, she seemed cute and kind at the start, but she had to go and attack everyone.

    So I finished scene 74 finally. So what your telling me is, right after what you say above occurs, I can go watch EXS to see the Momiji/Sayuki route, or stay on EXA for Sakura?

    *Add: Scene 75 makes me wish once more for a nosebleed smily lol, and do scene 76 and 75 overlap eachother? They both take place when Reiji wakes up on the 18'th day