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Adventure Full Metal Alchemist

Discussion in 'Anime Discussion' started by Caboose, September 26, 2012.


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  3. Not my type but very interesting.

  1. Full Metal Alchemist
    Full Metal Alchemist is an Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Magic, Shounen and Military Anime.
    The Protagonist is Edward Elric (The one with the Blonde hair and the metal arm) and Alphonse Elric (The Suit of Armor in the back)
    The Antagonist is Lust [​IMG]
    Edward and Alphonse Elric-- more commonly known as Ed and Al-- are teenaged Alchemists with a tragic past. When Edward was eleven years old, and Alphonse only ten, the brothers tried to bring their dead mother back to life. Their attempt failed, costing Alphonse his entire body, and Edward his left leg. In a desperate attempt to keep his brother on Earth, Edward willingly sacrificed his right arm in exchange for Alphonse's soul. Edward bound Al's soul to a suit of armor. Al then rushed Ed's body to Rockbell Automail, a company run by close friends of the Elrics'. There, Edward's arm and leg were replaced with "automail"-- metal prosthetics that act as if they were truly human limbs, attached to a body through an excruciating surgery and rehabilitation process.
    The brothers burned down their home so that they could never turn back from the path they have chosen--a life of wandering until they can regain their original bodies. Roy Mustang convinced Edward to take the State Alchemy Exam. As a State Alchemist, one's first duty is to the military or Fuhrer, causing State Alchemists to be commonly referred to as "dogs of the military." To aid his research, Ed took the State Alchemy Exam, and passed to become a State Alchemist. The main reason for his passing is that Ed can transmute--or perform Alchemy--without a transmutation circle. Ed could now gain access to research off-limits to most civilians. He received a pocket-watch that amplifies
    Alchemy. Ed later discovers that his State Alchemist name is the"Fullmetal Alchemist."

  2. Hmmm is this worth the watch?
    Ive only watched Full Metal Panic and i liked it overall
    (TessaXSouske Btw)
  3. If you are going to watch FMA I would say watch brotherhood it is closer to the manga.
  4. It is totally worth the watch!
  5. This is one of my favourite animes. 100% worth the watch. I personally like FMA over FMA:Brotherhood as well.