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    Suggestion Title:
    OT Girls Theme - Notifications and pop up balloons
    General Forums
    Why would this suggestion be helpful?:
    It's concerning a core part of forum activity/connection and will help keep readers alerted with contrasting colors.
    Your Suggestion:
    I've noticed lately that I in no way realize there is a notifications tab and always forget about it because it blends in so well with the BG and theme. Although it certainly looks nice it's not very useful in its current state I believe. I'd like to suggest that the color for the notification's balloon (and other notification tabs) be changed so that viewers will be able to see it without having to look for it.

    Here is what notification's currently look like: [​IMG]

    Here are some suggestions that I feel are more contrasting yet still adhere to the theme's vibrant color pallet.


    Thank you for your time and consideration. :D​
  2. I'm okay with it being changed or not changed. But I voted "Yes" :D
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  3. The "Girl" and "Dark" themes need to be redone a bit. So it's on the list for sure.
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  4. Since this has been redone, should be fixed.
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