Girls of the Wild.

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  1. I've found this to be a great Manga for me. It's got comedy, action, a harem? (Two girls count right?), a bit of romance. Love it so far. It's about a guy who is entered today a all girls school, but not just any school, a fighting school for pros. But he's entered with a scholarship for 3 years no matter what grades he gets. But runs into the "queen" as they have it at the school. Calls her a monster due to past experiences, then walks in on her while she's showering. The question is will he survive? Please for me, read the first 5 chapters.:meow::thumbsup::rose:
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  2. Hi Banana PUDDING, I don't know if you will ever read this, but I've started reading Girls of the Wild, and I am LOVING it. So thank you so much for recommending it!:D
  3. This seems like a pretty good manga so far. :agreement:
  4. Ikr :D, though to be honest I wish the character's names were Japanese instead of Korean (or Chinese? :confused:idk).
    But with that said:idea:, it does present a unique and interesting change for me :-)
  5. Hey, do you know if they made an anime of this? I've only ever read the manga
  6. I looked a little bit; couldn't find any anime version :sadeyes:

    If you do please let me know :idea:
  7. Hopefully, it's in the works
  8. OH YES! :powa:

    I hope so! :D
  9. Thank you for the recommendation :-)