Grisaia No Kajitsu (Anime)

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    The story is set in an academy that is a cloistered "orchard" for girls to be educated and cultivated away from external influences. Five girls spend their lives within these walls in repentance and atonement. Yuuji Kazami has just enrolled as the sole male student there.

    Alternative Titles

    Synonyms: Le Fruit de La Grisaia, The Fruit of Grisaia, GuriKaji
    Japanese: グリザイアの果実


    Episodes: Unknown
    Status: Not yet aired
    Aired: Not available
    Producers: None found, add some.
    Genres: School
    Duration: Unknown
    Rating: None

    As a fan of the eroge, i might as well advertise that this is also getting an anime adaption sometime in the future, the game is a trilogy so hopefully it will be longer then 12 eps :D

    If you haven't played the eroge yet, i suggest you do!
    the first game just finished translating, unfortunetly the other 2 aren't :(