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    Hey everyone. So it's been a while since I've been on these forums, literally a year ago >.< Anyways, to me this website is uhh very symbolic to me I guess you can say. Because this is where it all started for Guilty Crown Gaming! So Guilty Crown Gaming (GCG) is a relatively new multi-gaming community literally formed last year by obviously anime lovers. We met on various forums and decided to form a community where we all share the same interests (anime) and passion (games). We decided to form a group/community in which we can socialize and just play the same games with eachother. We're mostly active in MMORPGs (PC). Over the past 3 years Anime and Gaming have become synonymous with eachother, as most MMORPG Gaming communities are formed by otaku's. This kind of new phenomenon has placed Guilty Crown Gaming at the forefront of a new generation of gaming, where anime and gaming are now synonymous and mainstream.

    Guilty Crown Gaming gained fame when it's guild in a game known as Final Fantasy XIV was proclaimed #7 in the world in terms of progressive raiding, consistently being one of the top 5 guilds to kill Raid Bosses (Coil). This kind of status paved the way for sponsorship, and now Guilty Crown Gaming is sponsored by gaming news media outlet 2P.Com


    So how does any of this have to do with you? Well, as our 1 year anniversary is approaching. Guilty Crown Gaming felt the need to pay back homage to where it all began, otaku forums like these played a pivotal role in forming the "glue" of GCG. And as GCG enters into the new generation of gaming, we wanted to invite anyone else who is just looking for a group to play MMORPGs with. As most of us in GCG, we were just like most of you, stalking anime forums looking for players to play with.

    Some of our current games that we are currently expanding into in terms of 2015 or are currently playing

    Blade and Soul
    Cabal 2
    Inspirit (Literally a better version of Aura Kingdom)
    FFXIV: Heavensward
    Counter Strike: Global Force (We are currently forming a in-house E-Sports Team, as many of our players who are active in CS:GO have consistently won minor tournaments.)

    Even if you don't play any of these games that we are currently looking into, you're free to socialize with us! As we always try to find more individuals who share our same interests!

    Now in the past, I've been getting a lot of concerns that "Guilty Crown Gaming" seems too "professional/hardcore" for me. That's really not the case, as we're a pretty laid back bunch. And it varies from guild to guild within the GCG. So don't think we're some kind of elitist organization <.< We have our fair share of hentai jokes too. On top of that we do cool events with awesome prizes, I mean who doesn't want a GCG Hoodie <.<


    TL: DR - We kawaii in the streets, senpai in the sheets. #GG

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  2. This game sure is interesting :thinking:
  3. It's not really a game, but I did get approval from one of the forum mods to post this. It's more or less an outlet to help individuals who are looking for other individuals to play games with and if they really want to, get into the competitive scene.
  4. >been a year since on forums
    >member since Sunday (June 7th, 2015)
    Uhh... :thinking:

    Which mod approved this out of curiosity?
    This seems pretty much like blatant advertising, imo.
  5. Yup, it was a year ago! I lost my account password however.

    It was Lordrice. I mean I can take some stuff out if it does seem to bother you.