H-hello ^_^

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  1. Heya ^_^

    Names Korudo (Koru for short) , as yer can tell from me posting here, I'm kinda new o.o.

    I've used a few forums in the past so I know the standard rules, and with how strict one of those forums were, I think I'll be fine here o.o.

    Currently a uni student studying computer science (games programming).

    Hobbies include:
    • anime (a lot)
    • manga (some)
    • Light Novels (a few, branching out)
    • video games (always ~)
    • programming (consider myself a novice ^_^;)
    • youtube (check it daily)
    • Any method of relieving boredom (I'm always experimenting)
    Pretty much sums me up, I'm an open book and like to chat, I try to be a pleasant person unless you really manage to hit a nerve (rare) so I look forward to chillin here ^_^.

    Favourite anime: Soul Eater
    Favourite game series: The Legend of Zelda
    Favourite band: Get Scared
  2. Hi Koru
    There are quite a few people that just recently joined, me being one of them :peace:

    Welcome to OtakuTalk. :-P
    :heart: the silly face :thumbsup:
  3. Welcome to Otaku Talk Korudo-san :bow: I'm RavenShadow, but please feel free to call me Raven (^.^)

    I am totally psyched to meet a fellow programmer on Otaku talk, I'm in college taking Web Development, but I want to use those skills to create games as soon as possible :D

    I Zelda also happens to be one of my favorite game series as well, you have excellent taste good sir :D

    I hope you have fun here, and anytime you want to have a conversation I'm totally up for it, just leave a post and I'll get back to it as soon as possible :D

    Again, Welcome!!:agreement:
  4. I Hope the community grows and expands so there can be more fun conversations ^_^.

    Silly face? o.o Oh probably that one, ah ha ha... yeah I uh... have a habit of using is as a sort of resting emoticon, sorta like a blank curious stare of innocence. See I have a habit of typing emoticons linked to the feelings I'm thinking, and when I'm not thinking anything in particular "o.o" sorta just happens, if I'm serious I'll drop all forms of expression though o.o.

    Some say it makes me easier to approach since the intentions behind my wording are normally made more clear... so I've just took pride in it rather than found it as an annoying habit ^_^.

    Ah o.o :bow: hajimemashite Raven-san

    It's cool that we have a similar profession ^_^, but keep in mind I consider myself a novice! >.< I'll get better over time but I am by no means a quicker solver as of yet. Perhaps we could help each other out if the problem is relatable enough? ^_^

    Yesssss, Majora's mask is my favourite zelda though. I really love Skull kid ^_^.

    Of course! I hope we have a lotta fun in the future with our discussions ~

    Great to be here :agreement:
  5. I think your habit is neat :thumbsup: cheers:cheer:
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  6. Hey no worries I'm a novice too, and I am DEFINITELY not like one of those whiz programming guys lol I'm just learning how to program so that I can create beautiful things ^^

    Absolutely, if there is a programming problem that is within my skill range I would be honored to provide any assistance I can and I would greatly appreciate any assistance you could provide as well ^^. The only way we are going to stop being novices is to constantly ask questions and improve our techniques and if a fellow novice can help out, well all the better I say :D

    I think the first Zelda game I played was The Legends of Zelda: The Wind Walker for GameCube, aaah good times ^^

    Yes I'm looking forward to future discussions :-)

    Great to have you here :agreement: