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  1. Hey everyone :-) I am going to be getting a new headset soon. I currently use Turtle Beach X12, but they aren't sound isolating nor do they keep sound out. If anyone has reccomendations, please post them below. I was looking at a price range of less than or equal to $300.00. I am looking for Sound Isolation, Noise-Cancelling, deep bass, high volume, Over the Ear, good sound quallity. I was looking at Beats headsets that cost around $300.00 at bestbuy, or maybe skull candy. Also, I bought a turtle beach Sierra headset and the left ear stopped working after one month of having it :-(. It also had WAY to many cords to sort out, so I am sending it back and hoping for a refund. So if you know any good headsets, plz post their names below.
  2. I wouldn't suggest Beats as I feel they're more of a vanity over quality company (and those prices are hideous) although if anybody here has actually owned them, I'd like to read their verdict on it. :3
    As with Skullcandy, the only thing I'm a fan of are their Ink'd earbuds, they're cheap and the sound quality is great for the price although I've had run-ins where their stuff dies out rather fast.

    I'm not much of an audiophile but I love SteelSeries headsets. I currently use these:
    *although I don't always connect my headset with the sound-card it came with, I would definitely suggest getting it with it -- there's such a difference!

    They're light and fit my head just right, I also felt the price was reasonable and they're great when I want to kick back and listen to music while studying; they even cancel out noise very well also, trust me. My boyfriend has the same pair in white and it's kind of hard getting either of each other's attention when we have them on in the same room, haha.

    I previously had a pair of Sennheisers (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826106157) which were great for everything but music and they were too big for my head, I also didn't like how cheap the plastic on them felt. :C

    I hope you find something good in the long run. :heart:
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    All three companies are well known in the gaming community, and all put out amazing products. I couldn't say which one would be more reliable, as plenty of people, including myself, have had troubles that others haven't, and vice-verse. It's basically luck of the draw, if one product works better for you than another. I have not had any of these headsets, so I can't comment from a consumer stand point, but as a loyal customer to all three I stand by them.
  4. Thanks Everyone :heart:. I will look at these at my bestbuy if they have them and try them out and pick the best one.