Hello Everyone!

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  1. Hello! My name is Brett and I'm a huge fan of anime and Japanese culture. I'm really excited to have found people with similar interests. Outside of anime I'm really into music, gaming, and technology. I'm a college student about to enter my final year in pursuit of a bachelor's degree in information technology and security. I also enjoy studying Japanese in my free time and I hope to become fluent (although it might take a while). From what I've seen so far everyone here seems great, and I'm looking forward to talking to all of you!:-)

  2. Welcome to Otaku Talk Brett! Glad to have you here! I'm an huge fan of anime as well! I'm also an cool otaku dude!
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  3. Welcome, I hope you enjoy Otaku Talk! :thumbsup:
    I'm also a collage student going into Information Technology and I'm also trying to learn Japanese (I wish you luck, let's both do our best:powa:)

    Have Fun!! :D
  4. sorry if i was late, but welcome to the forum~!! :D
  5. nice to meet we can become good friend i think ^_^
  6. Don't worry I'm sure you can lol :D