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  1. So I am new to this website. I hope I could get good reactions to everyone here.
    I love anime as much as you guys and I am a hardcore Gamer.
    I am friendly and fun loving guy.
    Hope to make friends Thank you for reading!!!​
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  2. Hello, welcome the forums! :thumbsup:
  3. Gokigenyou Kirito-Kun, watashi Tammy desu!
    Hello Kirito, I'm Tammy!
    (Doubt this is anywhere close to being correct)
  4. I think youre missing a "wa" between watashi and your name there Tammy. well then again I didn't exactly understand anything bout the japanese course i took.
    Welcome ^^ Anime is our thing so if you want discussions or suggestions (or debates) feel free to make a post somewhere. As for games a bunch of us here play a multitude of games so im sure you can find someone playing something you are if you ask around. X.X i would try to think of some more to say but ive got anime to watch
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    I have a username as kirito but my pic is naruto that is a normal I love all anime!!!!!![DOUBLEPOST=1391594478][/DOUBLEPOST]Guys what's your fav anime hero?
  6. Welcome,I'm new as well and for my favorite anime hero... it has to be Tiger from Tiger and Bunny:meow:
  7. I just started watching that, and Tiger is my fav so far too