Hello guys

Discussion in 'Hajimemashite' started by Erika, March 2, 2017.

  1. Yo I am Erika and I am pretty excited about this as well as happy to see so many otakus
    Anyway I am a new comer so yoroshiku onegaishimasu:idea:
  2. Hello! Nice to meet you Erika! I've been a long time otaku but like you I am also new to this place and I've never been on a blog/chat/discussion group with others before. I look forward to our time here together!
  3. Thankyou I look forward to spend our time together too.:-)
  4. Its the same story for me. Ive been a fan of manga and anime for years but only joined a chat group with others. Im thrilled to be here *_*
  5. Hey Erika, SanpaisNEET, and Mei_Sempai, WELCOME TO OTAKU TALK!!! :D :D:cheer::cheer:

    This site always needs nice people who love manga/anime :-)

    I hope you enjoy yourselves and I love forward to seeing what you contribute to the site :D arigato gozaimasu :bows:

    Also if you ever want to talk to me personally (or any other member) feel free to start a conversation with me :-)