Hello, I'm Abby. ^.^

Discussion in 'Hajimemashite' started by Abby, August 20, 2016.

  1. Hello, my name is Abby. I just joined here. I'm a big fan of manga and watch anime now and then. I also like gaming and drawing a lot. I hope to get along with everyone and hopefully make some friends :D I'm happy I've finally found a forum/people that share the same interests as i do!

    Nice to meet you all ^.^
  2. Hi Abby! Welcome to Otaku Talk!

    I hope you have fun here, and I'm looking forward to you're posts :D
  3. Thank you :D
  4. You are very welcome (doitashimashite) :-)
  5. Hey! Welcome to the site, though it seems a bit slow still, it's always nice to have others join.
  6. Welcome, am also new here, and hope we can get along !
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  7. Hi :-) I also just joined to meet some great people too:foolish: I love anime, manga, playing games and drawing too! Hopefully we could be friends :D
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  8. Welcome :-)))))))) hope we could chat soon !
  9. oh hi there abby! hope you have fun around here!