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Whats better?

  1. Naruto

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  2. Bleach

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  1. I love fairytail
  2. I prefer Naruto at the moment because I find it more interesting. But Bleach is also pretty good!

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  3. Neither, but if i had to pick one prob Bleach

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  4. Wat since when was naruto interesting after the first season? But Welcome!! havent watched fairy tail since the new season started dont have time, too much stuff to do ><
  5. I'm talking manga, don't bother watching the anime anymore lol.
  6. Welcome! and I dont really watch those animes, but I would have to say Naruto if anything
  7. I watched the original Naruto growing up and I ended up way too deep into Shippuuden to stop now so I still watch the new episodes when they come out. Some of the new stuff is getting pretty interesting. They're both good but I'd have to go with Naruto.
  8. Both, but if I had to choose, I'd pick Naruto ^^