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  1. HelloHello everyone!

    I am new on this forum
    I have find OT by browsing the internet.

    My name Hyun Jae but you can call me Hyun or HyunHyun 。(^・ェ・^)。, anyway, I was born in Korea but I don't remember much about it, which mean Canada is my home country.

    I like both anime and mangas, my favorites anime being Bungou Stray Dogs, One Piece, Boku no Hero Academia, Gundam (I only started Gundam tho).

    My favorite mangas are Boku no Hero Academia, Hirunaka no Ryuusei, Namaikizakari, Sugars and Boruto.

    I love music such as KPop and Heavy Metal musics.

    I usually doddle some drawings and stories, maybe I will show them around.
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  2. Hey HyunHyun :cheer:

    A pleasure to have you on board the Otaku express :powa: XD. I'm Mei and I'm honoured to be the first to welcome you :D. I am the first?? :confused: anyway LETS DOMINATE THE WORLD :powa::powa:B-)
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  3. Thank you~!
  4. I dont know is World Domination Syndrome a real thing :thinking: but i got it :powa:XD
  5. It might be, maybe I can help you with it someday:powa:XD
  6. :powa: yes, a new comrade in arms XD to conquer the world for anime :naughtylaugh:
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  7. you have any hobbies??:confused:
  8. I love drawing mangas for sure, I love to make music too, I am mostly doing artistic thing tbh~

    And you Mei, do you have any hobbies? [​IMG]
  9. i try to draw but i enjoy writing. got it into it recently :D
  10. Oh, that is interesting~!
    Maybe we can make a work togheter!
  11. I've never thought of that :thinking: I really want to try now *_*:thumbsup:
  12. Picking up ideas. still got lots of progress ahead :D
  13. I see, I see, I will try and help you guys out, although I haven't read Super Magical Girl, I think I can come up with Ideas~
  14. every person is welcome to help. we started writing it after we had a funny battle in the chat XD
  15. Yep. I stole chocolate ^_^;
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  16. Which mean that you were responsible for the battle?

    Bad Mei~! \(°o°;)
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  17. he started it with bombing the chatXD