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  1. Hello i'm Hekmatyar but i'd like you to call me Hek or Robin, I love anime and i'm not very good at english... I'm a kind person that loves to help people out whenever i can ^^. I love to cheer up people when they're sad mhm.. there's nothing interesting about me. I like Blue and orange colors btw i don't like the color green. Nice to meet you all.​
    Random Shinobu Oshino Pic​
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  2. Welcome to the community! It's great to see new people joining even though traffic is slow. ^^

    Yay Shinobu. :D
  3. Hehe, I thought this was a very trafficed place, oh well I make sure to recruit some friends :3
    - Shinobu :heart:
  4. I forgot X - (. Thank you for your warm welcoming.
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  5. Welcome!
    It's always nice to see new, friendly people joining. :3

    Your English isn't so bad, by the way!
    And Orange is a great color, not enough people appreciate it. :C
  6. Thank you for taking your time to stop by and say welcome, much appreciated :3
    - You really think so?, People always complain about how they can't understand anything i write and such.
    Orange is indeed a great color, and yes not enough people appreciate it, Let's strike till more people like it :3
  7. :sleepy: ugh gotta fix my sleep schedule... waking up at 2:30 pm isnt natural... But Welcome ^^ and your english seems perfect to me (well im half asleep so there might be some grammar errors, but no one cares about those). And i agree orange is an awesome colour although not my top (Black, Blue, Grey, White, Orange)
  8. Welcome Hek :3 nice to meet you too o/
    Yay! No problem' if you're not really good in english, I am glad to know I am not the only one x')
  9. Welcome to OT, Robin. Sorry I'm a bit late. Enjoy your stay and eat lots of potato chips. Lotsss.
  10. WELCOME....

    Sorry for the late post, my dad made me go on an anual trip to alpenfest in the next state over, it's a week long trip (#DaddyProblems). Anyways, I am a fourteen year-old that plays eroges and watches plenty of anime. I will be on constantly over the Summer probably, I don't like leaving the house. But anyways... welcome to Otakutalk. :heart:

    ps.: Thats a really cute pic :heart:
  11. Ooops made a mistake there... i never really got into that anime