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  1. I go by the name Tokuma. I'm not very familiar with forums but I hope to get the hang of it...anywho, I'm an aspiring American manga artist ("aspiring", not there yet. I'm 16...but the age and money are the only main problems right now...) I'm studying Japanese on my own and have been for about a month or so, while I've been taking Chinese classes for 3, going on 4 years now. I'm also into sewing, calligraphy, and bead looming. If it has to do with anime, manga, or gaming (I only play/own Nintendo games and systems), I'll be interested in a heartbeat! As far as the genres I like...I like slice of life, action/adventure, fantasy, and many other genres of anime. With manga, I love shojo (but I haven't read any in a while, still trying to finish Kamisama Kiss...), shonen, and slice of life manga. And with games, it's RPGs, fighters, and platformers that usually catch my attention first. I'll give any series - be it game, anime, or manga - a shot, at least! I'll especially give indie games a look-see, even if I don't like it myself I'll spread the word and give support...

    ...was all that too long? Anyway, I hope to get along with and befriend you all! (or at least make one or two friends) :-)
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  2. Welcome to the forums, we're glad to have you and I hope you enjoy it here. It's tough getting into something new and different but forums are pretty swell, especially when they have friendly people. :D
  3. Welcome, and have fun.
  4. Welcome to the forums!, When I first started out on the forums I was pretty lost, but all of the things on here are pretty straight forward and I think you can get the hang of it quickly. I hope you enjoy your stay here and be sure to check out some of the other threads!