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  1. Hey guys...Looking forward to chatting with y'all (LOL id on't really know what else to say so I guess I'll leave it at that.)

    - Alpha223
  2. A pleasure to meet you. Im new and joined only today. :balloons:
  3. same here! nice to meet you :D
    (also i love your profile picture! it's nice to see another naruto fan hanging around!)
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  4. Yay. Naruto is one of favourite but its sad its come to an end :'-(
    They killed Neji :'-(:scared::'-(
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  5. me too :( i've been re-watching the entire series all over again with my brother because we don't want it to end!!!
  6. Lol I need to finish that series.... I started it but got distracted by another...Though I liked what I saw
  7. you definitely should!! its by far my favourite series of all time and i 100000% recommend you watch more!
  8. Lol kay I'll definitely do that
  9. My cousin got me into Naruto and ive been watching it for years always waiting for the next episode to come out and now its over :'-(
    My years of devotion :sadeyes:
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